A special meeting

Yesterday was unforgetable. My friend, Kamilo and I met at the main station of Gdansk, Poland. She was waiting for the next train to go home in Tczew. She told me that she got a headache and wanted to go to KFC for something to drink. We bought Pepsi and she drank a little then she asked me, "where am I?" I asked her continuously that what happened to her. She said nothing but a few words in Polish that I could not understand. She wanted to go to the train. I did not agree because I thought that she was very sick or something else. Immediately, I asked the guard in the KFC to call the hospital and a team was sent there after five minutes. 

That team took her to the hospital van and I gave some information about her to them: name, where she studies, and numbers on her cellphone. Five minutes after that, they told me that they must take her to the provincial hospital and I cannot go with them. I must walk. I asked one guy to give me the address and I walked there. On the way to the hospital, her mother called on the phone and asked me the same thing that I asked Kamilo but she did not answer me.

I really did not know what to do at that time, just go to find the hospital and asked people on the street where it is. My polish worked this time, most of people who I asked understood me. I found the place and where she was treated by some nurses and a doctor. I waited outside. 

Half hour later, I saw a couple that I thought they were Kamilo's parents. I used her phone to call them. I saw that they were getting the phone too. I felt a little bit better. Then, oh my god, they were not. Her mother was talking to me on the phone and in Polish. Do you know what I said at that time? I said, "gdzie pani jest? Kamilo jest w szpitalu." which means "where are you now and Kamilo is in the hospital"

I continued to wait and heard she yelled in the room. Then doctor asked me to get in and go to different rooms for medical checks. I talked to two doctors and many nurses in one day and mostly they asked me what happened again.

After a few hours of waiting, her mother came and I met her too. Her mother is very nice and cares about her. I felt better and peaceful at that time. We talked a little bit and of course, I told her again what happened since we met again. Then, I said goodbye to go home. No longer after that she called me and told that she could go home with her mother, not at the hospital.

Kamilo will feel better and study well as she has been. Now it is nice!


Comments (6 comments)

  • Phi Châu 7 years ago

    This is unforgetable story but finally, I still don't know about her problem? :)

  • Khang Duy Nguyen 7 years ago

    I did not know too, a problem with her health.

  • Na Danh 7 years ago

    Neither do I. Her problem is "a few words in Polish" ^^. How about doctors, what did they say?

  • Nguyen Khang 7 years ago

    "A few words in Polish" was my problem. My polish is not good enough to have conversation with local people.

  • Na Danh 7 years ago

    What I meant was when you understood ""A few words in Polish", you might know what her problem.

  • Nam Le 7 years ago

    You did a meaningful thing in life sir, you are a hero,,,,,,

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