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  • Santa Francesinha

    This venue was a very recently visited one and I thought it’d be worthy of a mention. I was travelling around Porto for a couple of days and enjoyed all the great sights and ancient points around the city. The city has much history to offer and I highly recommend you...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Chopsticks

    Lebanon is home to a great number of different dishes from all over the world. Its local popular foods excels in many ways. From the internationally renowned hummus and falafel dishes to the lesser known kafta and kibbeh. However, today we will take a look at a cuisine...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Quadrangle

    For many coming into Lebanon, its almost imperative to have local knowledge of what's going on around. Luckily, you’ll be able to draw upon local knowledge through posts such as these. Today we will be talking about a dynamic bar that has a lot to offer and is a great...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • The Producers Bar

    Adelaide has many bars and clubs to offer for an exciting nigh out. However, the largest venues mainly reserve their DJ tunes to the latest and most popular world hits. So if you're looking for diversity, it may not be too easy. Nevertheless, you don’t need the...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • The Hungry Hippo

    This place is one of the most iconic niche places in Adelaide. Unfortunately it has temporarily closed until further notice. However, it is worth mentioning it for the countless great experiences and the possibility of a grand reopening. The Hungry Hippo was located in...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Adelaide University Eateries

    When you visit a city, the last place you’ll probably look for a meal is a university campus. However, the University of Adelaide offers some good quality dishes for very cheap prices. Since the perimeter walls have been removed and access to the public has been...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Barr Smith Library

    The Barr Smith library is the primary library for use by students. Located in Hub central, the Barr Smith library origins comes from one of its many benefactors, the Barr Smith Family. In the late 1890s the University Council bestowed the honour of naming their library...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Hahndorf

    The Hahndorf Inn is the most German offering experience you can get in Adelaide. The area of Hahndorf is located thirty minutes by car. If you’re visiting Adelaide it may be wise to rent a car to explore the area of Hahndorf. However, we shall predominantly focus on...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Le Cabasson

    France, a dynamic country known for its food and history. One thing that I’ll never allow to slip my mind is how vibrant the night life is there. Specifically, their bar scene. Exploring the streets of Paris on many occasions throughout the last five months, it was...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • McLaren Vale

    McLaren vale South Australia has much to offer for the adventurous. Beautiful mountains and valleys for many hikers to take delight in, golden beaches and food from all over the world. However, one thing that makes this state particularly unique is the quality of its...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Shisha Lounge Plus

    If you find yourself in Adelaide and are keen to have a shisha, look no further! For a city of its size, Adelaide offers many premier shisha lounges to sate your smoking urges. Many of these venues are perfect for a great social night with mates. However, if you’re...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Sky Garden

    Background Bali, the party centre of Indonesia and Australia. Many Australians make their way to this small island to enjoy the affordable prices, with a more unregulated nightlife and plenty of booze to enjoy. The beaches are beautiful and the culture is rife. For...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Henley Beach Plaza

    Henley beach Adelaide. We all have a rough idea of what the land down under is like: kangaroos, vegemite,  scorching hot, koalas and people running around saying g’day, shrimp on the barbie and mate. Some of these may be true, but especially the one about the heat...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Harder Kulm

    Interlaken This one's set in the spectacular nation of Switzerland. Famed for many things such as its wealth, cheese, chocolates and the Alps. I chose Switzerland as my tourist destination mainly for its scenic mountain ranges. Before I reached the location of the topic...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Cold Rock

    Scorching day This one was inspired after checking the weather in Adelaide for this coming saturday. You wake up on a beautiful Adelaidian day. Its 8 AM (who even wakes up this early in the break?) summer's day and already 28 degrees.celsius. Your groggy mind somehow...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Military Complex

    Lebanese beaches A great place to visit during any time of the year as long as the weather is warm. It's a place of relaxation, enjoyment and great fun for the family. Didn’t expect that from a military complex, eh? While the name rings true, that it is ‘owned’ by...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Mr. International

    This one's for the food tourists and those looking for a massive and delicious meal. If you’re also a lover of chicken wings, look no further. Mr. International restaurant has got you covered. A bit of background. My mates are crazy chicken wings enthusiasts. They...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Tequila bar

    Beirut, the lively city of fashion, food and parties. The capital is the largest city and heart of Lebanon’s tourist industry and much of its party scene. As a place that attracts many tourists, it is often hard to find the right places to go for a good drink with...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años

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