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  • Palace Nova Eastend

    Getting there This article is dedicated to the entertainment side of Adelaide. When you travel to a new country for a semester exchange it's important to know what the good places are to go and have some fun. They’re also places that are suitable to take friends with...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Casino du Liban

    Getting started Today we’ll be talking about one of the most entertaining places you can go to in Lebanon if you’re into fast paced environments. The Casino du Liban. Your average bloke has been to a casino once or twice in their life. However, more likely than not...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Rooftop Shisha

    Introduction A new place opened up on Adelaide’s Hindley street: the rooftop shisha lounge. This is another addition to the many shisha lounges located throughout Adelaide. It seems that shisha (or hookah) is becoming one of the most popular activities to do with...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Adelaide

    Introduction: within Adelaide This written piece is pretty important for those visiting Adelaide or doing a semesters exchange in this Australian city. We’ll first talk about how to get around within Adelaide. After, we will then talk about the different ways to...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • The Signature Lounge Club

    Background Adelaide is not the biggest or most well-known for its bar and club scene, although this has been changing. New bars and clubs open quite often, and many new adventures of life, glamour, and dance come to be showcased. However, Adelaide is also merciless....

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Mount Batur

    Gettng there from Ubud Welcome to the continuation of the Indonesian experience series. I had one of the better travel experiences of my life back in Ubud. It was surely one that you can not miss if you’re visiting this beautiful country. It honestly shone when it...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • CoCo

    CoCo Bubble tea seemed like one of those trends that become the flavour of the month and then disappear to the abyss of outdatedness which is the fate for most trends. However, Bubble tea (or Boba) has spread around South East Asia like fire and has been spreading like...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Sydney Harbour

    Getting there Up to this moment I have been to Sydney thrice. Twice while visiting mates and once while road tripping from Sydney to Brisbane. I will be simply talking about my first experience as I reckon it would be the most useful for those travelling for the first...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Ofo Service

    The beginnings Ofo has begun to make its mark in Australia. This bike company is the latest craze that is taking over the bike sharing industry. I recalled how when I left in late June to do an exchange semester overseas in France there had not been a single bike...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Ballaboosta

    Like dining in Lebanon Todays restaurant is going to be a hidden gem found a bit far from the most commercial eatery streets of Adelaide: Ballaboosta. To get to this restaurant you will need to travel to the South Eastern part of Halifax street. It is basically found on...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Adelaide Bike Kitchen

    How to get there The Adelaide Bike kitchen is a great place to build, design or outright buy your own bike. This workshop can be found in a large storage structure that has not been used for some time. The local government allowed them to stay here while the area is not...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Adelaide University Eateries

    If you’re looking to live within the area of Adelaide city and you’re looking for a place packed with fellow international and exchange students then look no further. Located on Grote street you have the University of Adelaide Village. This accommodation is the...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Urbanest

    If you’re looking for a comfortable and enjoyable place to stay within the city of Adelaide, then look no further. Urbanest is known to be one of the best located and decent quality places to live for students in Adelaide. This accommodation is located on prime real...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Gerard Philip Residence

    Todays piece will be about one of the few student residences that can be found around Reims. I was able to reserve a place here through my university. This residence houses many students from all around the world, this also includes local students. However, there are...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • La Bodega

    Where to find it La Bodega is a popular Erasmus and local student bar located in Reims. To get to Reims city, you’ll need to grab a train or bus from Paris. You could choose to take a bus with either Flixbus or ouibus and it will take you eastwards towards Reims. The...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Ernest Hemingway Bar

    Getting there This one is a great option for those doing an exchange in Reims city in France. This small city is located east of Paris. It's about forty minutes by TGV or an hour fifty minutes by bus companies such as Flixbus or Ouibus. This small city of just under...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Charlesworth Nuts

    One thing I enjoy about the city of Adelaide is its many themed stores that specialise on types of products. In this case we are shown Charlesworth, a peanut store. What makes this place particularly good is its large variety and high quality products. I used to come...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Restaurante Kokoxaxa

    Spain is a place of many wonders. The culinary aspect of it is very diverse and delicious but not as publicised as Italian and French food within Europe. However, different types of cuisines around the world have made their home in Spain and have grown in popularity....

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Sintra

    Sintra is a beautiful town with spectacular history. Out of the many places there I would say that the Castle of the Moors is my favourite destination in the area of Sintra. Getting here is quiet an adventure from the city of Lisbon. I had been visiting this city after...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Pilot Design Hostel & Bar

    I recently visited the city of Porto and had an unforgettable experience. This had been the very first time I visited Portugal. I was very excited as I’ve heard many good things about it such as its food, culture, architecture, history and more. After I booked my...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años
  • Santa Francesinha

    This venue was a very recently visited one and I thought it’d be worthy of a mention. I was travelling around Porto for a couple of days and enjoyed all the great sights and ancient points around the city. The city has much history to offer and I highly recommend you...

    0 por Michael, hace 3 años

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