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Whitney Bryan

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United Kingdom

Whitney Bryan

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  • Experience

    Experience in Saint-Denis, Meeting by Pascaline

    What is life like in Saint-Denis? Would you recommend it? It’s a city. It’s not really the nicest place on the island. What is it like at the College of Saint-Denis? There’s not much to do What is the cost of living in Saint-Denis? Expensive Is it difficult to...

    0 by Whitney in Erasmus experiences Saint-Denis, 6 months ago
  • Place

    San Antonio

    A little East, there is the San Antonio park. In between the crowds of statues of Fernando Botero, the huge metal bird, lacerated, witnesses the explosion of twenty years ago. Next to the San Antonio Church of Padua, in the beautiful coupole, is the seat of the French...

    by Whitney in What to see Medellin, 6 months ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience: Helsinki, Finland with Xavier

    Why did you choose to go to Helsinki, Finland? To discover the culture of Nordic countries. Source How long is your stay? What kind of help are you receiving? My stay lasts 5 months and I received a 960 euro Erasmus scholarship. What is the student atmosphere like in...

    0 by Whitney in Erasmus experiences Helsinki, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience: Rome, Italy with Sara

    What’s it like to live in Rome? Would you recommend it? What is city like? I was born in Rome, so I’ve lived here all of my life, the centre of Rome is very beautiful, but living in the suburbs is better. The centre is too chaotic. What is the student atmosphere...

    0 by Whitney in Erasmus experiences Rome, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience: Warsaw Poland with Joséphine

    Why did you choose to go to Warsaw, Poland? I wanted to discover Eastern and Central European culture, and going to Warsaw made it possible to travel all across Europe. Also I wanted to see what a snowy winter looked like, and I wasn’t disappointed! Source How long...

    0 by Whitney in Erasmus experiences Warsaw, 2 years ago

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