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Erasmus Experience: Warsaw Poland with Joséphine

Translated by flag-gb Whitney Bryan — 6 years ago

Original text by flag-fr X Y

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Why did you choose to go to Warsaw, Poland?

I wanted to discover Eastern and Central European culture, and going to Warsaw made it possible to travel all across Europe. Also I wanted to see what a snowy winter looked like, and I wasn’t disappointed!


How long was your stay and how much help did you receive?

I’m currently in Warsaw for about a year and I have the Erasmus grant, so I get 150 euros a month.

What is the student atmosphere like in Warsaw?

It’s very nice! There are a lot of international students here, mostly Europeans, but also students from Asia and South America. The Spanish students make up a large majority.

The ESN is also very active with parties and organised trips and you can meet people easily from all over to go out for a drink, going out, visiting museums...

Would you recommend the city and the University of Warsaw to other students?

Yes, without hesitation! It’s a really lively, dynamic city, with a lot of young people, so you don’t get bored easily.

The university is pretty cool, the main campus is really well located and beautiful. The pick of courses is wide, and you easily reach 30 ECTS credits per semester because the courses aren’t so overwhelming.


What is the food like there?

Let’s say it’s very nourishing! But you can find pretty much everything in the shops. Living in Warsaw doesn’t mean that you eat Pierogis and Beet soup everyday!

Did you have trouble finding accommodation in Warsaw?

A little bit, the university accommodations are few and not very well located and landlords don’t rent out private rooms, but the whole apartment instead. It’s better to look for roommates first then apartments.

What are the costs of living in Warsaw?

It’s more than reasonable (especially for someone who is so accustomed to French prices), from food, to bars and rent.

What was it like learning the language? Did you go to language classes organised by the university?

Polish is quite difficult, especially for people who come from a Latin language: the thought pattern, sentence structure and some words are totally different, but don’t panic, a lot of Polish people speak great English with no problems, especially in Warsaw.

The university offers 15 days of (optional) Polish lessons at the beginning of the year, where you learn the basics to get by like ordering food or coffee, introducing yourself etc... It’s quite useful and most teachers take the advantage to present Polish culture, like the traditions, essential cities, celebrities, authors.

And what cultural sights would you recommend?

The old town is super nice, you can enjoy it without a guide. You have to take advantage on sunnier days to go to Lazienki Park on Sunday afternoons, where they hold outdoor concerts of Chopin.


Otherwise, the museum of Jewish history is very exciting, comprehensive and affordable for students (it’s 1 PLN, so about 25 cents worth of euros)

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