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What a year..

Published by Victoria Pol — one year ago

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I arrived in Warsaw one year ago already, to spend both of the semester there. I chose Warsaw to have something different than the usual Spain/Italy/UK choice that the french students choose most of the time. And I could not have made a better choice.

Warsaw is such an amazing city. It is really lively, full of different architectures, full of different kind of people, of cultures.. There is no place I would have gone on Erasmus other than this one.




There are thousands of things to do all the time, the nightlife is amazing, there are so many different types of clubs and for all tastes, different types of partys... and the best part is that the alcohol is cheap for most of the europeans! You could never be bored in this city, there's always something to do...

The transport is also very good! There are only 2 lines of subway (and they are enough), and soooooo so many trams and buses to take you wherever you need to go. I never tried to take public transport to come home from a party just because of laziness. There are night buses if you want! I was using Uber or Bolt most of the time (all the time) because the price starts at 10zl (2, 20€)!

Talking about gastronomy, "pierogis" are really good! It is a kind of dumpling that is filled (you can choose the stuffing). The other polish meals... not that great! But you can obviously find any restaurant of your own taste! I admit that UberEats was a part of my life..


Link "Pierogis"

Refering to the weather, I expected worse... it was -10 degres only for 2 weeks so to me, who expected constant cold, I was kinda disapointed! It was still very cold and you definetly need a big coat, a scarf and gloves.

But when I arrived in september it was really hot (same temperature than in France), and same in may/june. During winter, the snow is not melting so it's quite beautiful! At some point, i think it started snowing end of march i was really confused..

To conclude, choose Warsaw! you will not be disappointed. You will live your best life, drink liters and liters of alcohol, you won't have a single worry because money won't be a problem in general, and you will meet amazing people!

You will be able to travel quite a lot as there are many organized trips. Take time to visit Poland, it is a beautiful country. Take time to travel in countries around, there a lot of choices!

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