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Róisín Gwion

Róisín Gwion

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    Erasmus Experience in Coimbra, Portugal by Sara

    Why did you decide to go to Coimbra, Portugal? Because I liked the thesis project there and people had spoken very well about the city, there are lots of students and it's not too big so ideal for me as I come from a small city. Source How long does the grant last for?...

    0 by Róisín in Erasmus experiences Coimbra, 3 years ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Ghent, Belgium

    Why did you decide to go to Ghent, Belgium? It was the best destination from those that I could choose, for the following reasons: The university's reputation, the population's good knowledge of English and being in the centre of Europe which gave me the possibility to...

    0 by Róisín in Erasmus experiences Ghent, 3 years ago
  • Experience

    An addictive city!

    Cologne is a city whose streets, squares, restaurants, events and people become addictive! During my Erasmus I went to many other beautiful cities, such as London, New York, Dublin and Amsterdam, but at the end of my stay I couldn't wait to return to Cologne and to see...

    0 by Róisín in Erasmus experiences Cologne, 3 years ago
  • Experience

    My Experience at IULM University in Milan

    In this post I will describe my experience at the IULM Open University of Languages and Communication in Milan. My student journey in this university started here in the academic year 2012/13 and will end in March 2016 when I will graduate. IULM in General If one day...

    0 by Róisín in Erasmus experiences IULM , 3 years ago
  • Experience

    An Italian in England (a brief essay on an Erasmus in Leicester)

    There are numerous things to do, and almost as many not to do, but the main rules to follow when on an Erasmus in Leicester are those which, just like in other cities, concern your health. Aka... Do you want to become ill? Do you want to be a twat? Do you want to do as...

    0 by Róisín in Erasmus experiences LE , 3 years ago
  • Experience

    Visiting Marseille

    There are many links from Aix-en-Provence to Marseille, both from the station by train as well as by bus from "gare Routière". In any case, both modes of transport leave you at the Saint-Charles station, located in the centre, from which you can easily reach the...

    0 by Róisín in Erasmus experiences Marseille, 3 years ago
  • Experience

    Discovering Marseille

    Introduction Just a few miles from Aix-en-Provence, lies Marseille, France's second-largest metropolis following Paris. It's a fascinating city, yet equally characterised by much prejudice, a little like Naples. Here I'll illustrate the city's various aspects, and in...

    0 by Róisín in Erasmus experiences Marseille, 3 years ago

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