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Erasmus Experience in Coimbra, Portugal by Sara

Why did you decide to go to Coimbra, Portugal?

Because I liked the thesis project there and people had spoken very well about the city, there are lots of students and it's not too big so ideal for me as I come from a small city.


How long does the grant last for? How much money do you receive to help you out?

It lasted six months and in that time they gave me a total of 530 Euros.

How is the student environment in Coimbra?

I don't know as I didn't take any courses there; I worked in a laboratory so I didn't have any contact with Portuguese students.

Would you recommend the city and the university in Coimbra to other students?

Yes, there's a place for everyone in this city, from the nightlife and party lovers to those who prefer to enjoy the landscape.

What's the local food like?

I'd say it depends where you go, the university canteen is cheap and satisfying, otherwise it's best to ask the locals for advice for other places.

Was it difficult finding accommodation in Coimbra?

I got out of the aeroplane and entered my house - I found it by chance on the internet and after seeing it in person I decided to stay there. I didn't stay even for one night in a hostel, but it usually takes up to one week or ten days to find one.

Is it expensive to live in Coimbra?

No, the living costs aren't high at all.

What about the lingo? Did you take any language courses at the university?

I took one Portuguese course but here you can get by with English seeing as the people there are mostly on Erasmus.

Which is the cheapest way to get to Coimbra from your city?

I took a plane to Porto and from there I took a train to Coimbra.

Which places would you recommend for going out in Coimbra?

With Facebook it's very easy as all events for the day and the week are posted on there. Otherwise you can go out and and there are always lots of people in the main squares.


And the eating spots? Can you speak about your favourite restaurants in Coimbra?

I don't have any.

And the cultural hotspots?

The university area is beautiful - it's the centre of Coimbra. Then there's Sè velha and Santa Cruz Cathedral. The city is easy to navigate as it's not big.

Any suggestions for future Erasmus students in Coimbra?

You will definitely have fun in Coimbra and you'll meet a whole load of new people. However don't limit your friendships to fellow natives but instead open yourselves to other cultures and nationalities.

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