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Ruben's Erasmus Experience in Coimbra, Portugal

Why did you choose to go to Coimbra, Portugal?

I took a Portuguese course at university and thought it would be a great help to practice Portuguese, as well as the closeness to Spain, weather and low prices.

How long does the scholarship last? How much money do you receive as help?

9 months of lessons.

What is the student life like in Coimbra?

Coimbra is a city of students - everything is tailor-made for students. The nightlife is incredible, there are bars for all tastes.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Coimbra to other students?

Yes, it is an undiscovered city - it has the charm of tradition with the biggest university party scene in Europe.

Rubén's Erasmus Experience in Coímbra, Portugal


What is the food like?

Incredible! Portugal has a great variety of dishes for all tastes. The octopus, the francesinha (a type of Portugese sandwich) and the cream cakes with a galao coffee or a superbock beer are the specialities.

Rubén's Erasmus Experience in Coímbra, Portugal


Was it difficult to find accommodation in Coimbra?

The truth is that I didn't have any problems, there are a lot of houses to rent for students. I would recommend to live in the centre as it is close to everything.

How much does it cost to live in Coimbra?

It is cheaper than Madrid, it is similar to Salamanca; rent for a room is between 150-250 euros. Food is cheap, except for a few things. You can eat in the university canteen for €2.

What about the language? Did you go to a course at the University?

No, I improved my language by practising with my roommates and in class.

What is the cheapest way to get to Coimbra from your city?


Where would you recommend to go to party in Coimbra?

Noites Longas, NK, Moelas, Feito and any bar in the Republic Square.

What about eating in Coimbra? Can you name some of your favourite places?

It depends on the type of food, Psychological is good for fast food.

Which cultural sites would you recommend?

It has many museums, but the most important things in the city are the churches. Other than that there is nothing particularly remarkable.

Any advice you want to give to future students in Coímbra?

Coimbra has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Rubén's Erasmus Experience in Coímbra, Portugal


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