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  • Experience

    Experience in Barcelona, Spain by hammou

    What is it like to live in Barcelona? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? ohh you should probably reverse the question, what is like not to live in Barcelona, cause the first thing that a student think about when it comes to studying an Erasmus student...

    0 by hammou in Erasmus experiences Barcelona, one month ago
  • Blog

    A student Trip to Norway can be cheap

    If i say to you that Norway is the most beautiful country in the world, everyone would agree with me on this, however most of you have actually heard that it is too expensive to travel to norway, and since you are still a student your budget would never be good enough...

    0 by hammou in Erasmus blog Oslo, one month ago
  • Blog

    Algerian sharing his Erasmus experience

    Have you ever been trying to decide which is the best Erasmus destination? Have you been asking friends to share with you their experiences?After all what you have heard, you are still confused where to head next semester,  Well i have found my best Destination...

    0 by hammou in Erasmus blog Budapest, 2 months ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Budapest 2018 / 2019 (English)

    Hello guys, I will pleased to meet new friends within this spring semester in Budapest,  I am hamou, 23 years old I love photography and I have a YouTube channel called hamou brahimou where I post my latest vlog about traveling in general. I love making new friends...

    by hammou in Erasmus forum Budapest, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    Seeing Rome as an Algerian

    A lost dream!I still remember all the good news i heard about Rome, big beautiful charming and welcoming, a capital of civilisation full of ancient roman history, hearing all that made me very excited to travel and be there, so the story goes back to the age of 15, i...

    0 by hammou in Erasmus blog Rome, 2 months ago
  • Experience

    Traveling 16 destinations in one month, with less than 500€.

    If i tell you that i traveled europe in thirteen days with less than 500€, How does it sounds to you? exiting, appealing and you feel the need of doing the same thing, but you have lots of wonders, you wanna know How i managed to economise my budget, you want to...

    1 by hammou in Erasmus experiences Barcelona, 2 months ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Budapest, Hungary by hammou

    Why did you choose to go to Budapest, Hungary? Honestly i didn't choose Budapest, Budapest has embrased me with love and hospitality, i remember the day i received the acceptance letter from the university, i was extremly happy and excited for the day to come, the...

    0 by hammou in Erasmus experiences Budapest, 2 months ago

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