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flag-lt Erasmus Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas

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Activity in VGTU

  • Experience

    From anyone you can learn something new

    Have you ever hated someone before you even met him? I know it is a strange question, and I guess you would have probably say: "Of course not! ". But let me ask you in a different way; have you ever said: "I hate people that... "? Let me share my insight with you... We,...

    2 by Shir in Erasmus experiences VGTU , 5 years ago
  • Blog


    It was a long wait! Dint manage to go home during vacations... It got difficult to handle time. The city Vilnius seems abandonded when there are no students. I was all excited about the lectures beginning and I started planning the reopening day like a week in advance!...

    0 by Paul in Erasmus blog VGTU, 6 years ago
  • Experience


    It was my first exchange programme as a Erasmus student. I have had amazing time! I stayed there 1 year. For more experience. The city is not so big but it offers enough things for a student. Public transport is very well organized and cheap - only 7 euro for students...

    0 by Petya in Erasmus experiences VGTU , 7 years ago
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    Experience in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania by Cláudio

    Generally, what is Vilnius Gediminas Technical University like? It's a really good university, a lot of students and with many international students. Good installations and conditions. Source What are the facilities like? Free Internet, many places to go, gym, library...

    1 by Cláudio in Erasmus experiences VGTU , 8 years ago

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