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Published by Paul Chavady — 3 years ago

Blog: RandomMine
Tags: Erasmus blog VGTU, VGTU, Lithuania

It was a long wait!

Dint manage to go home during vacations... It got difficult to handle time. The city Vilnius seems abandonded when there are no students. I was all excited about the lectures beginning and I started planning the reopening day like a week in advance! Mentally and materially prepared! I felt I was all set. There was no reason to be nervous but I was. I reach the University. Quickly ran up the stairs to the Second floor. (Ground being the first floor in LIthuania.) Walked in to the room as per the schedule on the University website. The professor seemed very welcoming, smiled at me saying "yes?" me being doubtful looking at the new faces in the classroom asked him if it was the class of mechatronics. He was gentle enough to still smile at me to say a no. I walked out saying sorry. I quickly opened the laptop to check if I was right! Indeed I was. Quickly walked to my department and found it deserted. I re-entered the room this time asking if its the "Computer integrated manufacturing lecture" He said no this time again, with not that broad a smile criticizing the administration for its very unorganised and confused state of affairs. I walked out ebmbarrassed this time.  I was suggested to go to the administrator and stuff I dint choose to do so, walked back to my department after figuring out what to do. There was one prof. in there I sought his help to make a call to him asking where the hell is he?!!!! He was kind enough to do so. He spoke to him in Lithuanian and declared to me "You are free today" as he put the phone back in his pocket. It really pissed me off. No Email ! No nothing!!! Can it get worse!!? You can expect this at VGTU! I had heard of such instances earlier from people. Thanks to the University for a first hand experience! ... :)

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