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It was my first exchange programme as a Erasmus student. I have had amazing time! I stayed there 1 year.

For more experience.

The city is not so big but it offers enough things for a student. Public transport is very well organized and cheap - only 7 euro for students for the whole month for all lines.

I think the university is modern and it has good facilities. Some disciplines were more difficult, some things really easy, depending on the subject.

There are 4-5 more universities with many erasmus and international students. GREAT PARTY, GREAT FRIENDSHIPS AND EXPERIENCE.

Very easy to explore and discover the Baltic countries. Possibilities to travel around EUROPE - we even reached Norway, Sweden, Finland.

ESN VGTU are the best! They have helpled a lot to make our stay even better!

I reccomend doing an exchange programme in VGTU or in Vilnius or Lithuania in general!




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