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From anyone you can learn something new

Have you ever hated someone before you even met him?

I know it is a strange question, and I guess you would have probably say: "Of course not! ".

But let me ask you in a different way; have you ever said:

"I hate people that... "?

Let me share my insight with you...

We, people, sometimes tend to classify other people. Put them in groups, in a pattern. Even though, we all know in our hearts that each one of us is different. We have different opinions, thoughts, the things we laugh of, the ones we are attracted to, the things we believe in, the things that excite us, things we want to achieve in our life.

I think we have one thing that all humans are the same: we all want to be loved.

So if I am right (and maybe I am wrong), why do we let the press and the news control our feelings? Why do we let them generalise us into groups?

Right now, I am in the most amazing journey. Exchange students program in Vilnius, called Erasmus Program.

For the first time I met a person from Iran, and we had a great conversation, he changed all my thoughts and notions about things that I used to think.

I met a person from Egypt and one from Germany, Spain, Belgium, India, Azerbaijan, Italy, Greece, Turkey... and the list is long.

I know many people will immediately say:

You only talked to one; it is not representing the majority.

As far as I know, 1 is bigger than 0, so it counts.

For the first time I had an honest and unprecedented opportunity to open my mind. Listen to other people; hear how they live what they feel, who they are. Without the news noise that tells me always what to think about people that are different from me, people that: "I should not speak to, that I should be careful of them, because they are not on my side of the story"... The people around me are not the enemy; we are the enemy of ourselves if we think like that.

We live only once, our time is priceless, and nobody knows when it will end. Should we hate or love? Be pessimistic or optimistic? Choose ourselves or let others choose for us? Have prejudices or an open mind?



It is our life.

It is our choice, to live in peace or to live in war.

I know that every country has a history that is very important, and we should remember it.

War is a mistake. It is something in the past that we did wrong, so we should learn from it for the next time, and not just concentrate on what the other side did wrong because we can't control his action we only control ours.

I believe we are a new generation that deserve to live in peace with each other, we deserve to know the truth, we should be build trust.

Almost every country has a complex history with other countries.

For example, in my country, our government is not that good, we should not let them control us by scaring us from people we do not even know.

We are better than that.

In this wonderful program we have the opportunity to make this world become a little bit better for all humans, to make a change in others life, but more important: to change our lives, our thoughts and opinions, to seek for new solutions...

Study within a multinational atmosphere is a great personal experience that creates a long chain of friendship.

Now I can say for sure that I have a home, not only in Israel.

"Home is whenever I'm with you, with people"

Thank you Erasmus for letting me explore myself in such a wonderful place called Vilnius with the best people in the world!




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Comments (2 comments)

  • Adi Hadif 2 years ago

    wow!! it was very intresting, as en exchange student my self shir mentioned a lot of the stuff i am feeling

  • Hen Abotbol 2 years ago

    We live in a world where evil is what rules.
    We live in a world where the strong survives, and the weak cries.
    We live in a world where the supreme value is "occupied as you can."
    We live in a world where money has greater value than life itself.
    We live in a world of wars of ego and religion.
    We live in a reality that has not changed and can be seen throughout history.

    I do not want to sound negative but sometimes I have to tell the truth as it is, without masks and without lies.
    I'm glad to hear about the experience you've gone through, it's really exciting and I'm not cynical. But, we live in a world of interests.

    There is a renewed Holocaust within an hour's drive from the north-eastern border of Israel and Syria. Where they build gas chambers, just as they did in the Holocaust in Europe.
    In such a world, good does not win, in such a just world, a loser usually wins.

    Have you recorded whether we should hate or love?
    And that the choice is in our hands.
    This is not always true!

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