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Different types of kefir you find in Tbilisi

Published by Ani Lilucie — one year ago

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The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about this product, which is called kefir and some things about it. You know, at first I didn't know anything about it, because no one drank or ate kefir at my home, I mean, they didn't love it, so that we didn't usually have kefir at home. Then somebody said, that my grandfather loved kefir, however, it turned out, that he didn't love it and, well, he didn't even love anything from the dairy products except for cheese and, well, he can eat plenty of cheese, if you want to know the truth.

So, I had this theory about kefir, that it was not good, what's more, it was kind of sour thing, like something like thick milk and with some taste of matsoni, however, some kind of sour cream, too, I guess. so that, if you see, it was pretty much confusing about kefir and it was a long time until I decided to taste kefir. And, well, to tell you the truth, it tasted not the same as I thought it would taste. It tasted pretty different, it was not like thick milk with matsoni taste or whatever, it tasted just normally and it was not as bad as I imagined. So that, it was all just great and I could drink it like milk. Well, to tell you the truth, it was a great idea, to have it as a drink and drink it throughout the day whenever I felt kind of thirsty and hungry at the same time, because it makes you feel satietied and, at the same time, you don't feel thirsty anymore when you drink kefir. Besides, it has these enzymes, which makes your gastrointestinal tract function better. Well, it's better if you eat matsoni, however, drinking kefir is not bad either.

Different types of kefir you find in Tbilisi

First of all, you should know, that you can take this kefir wherever you want and you will be able to drink it whenever you want. You know, it's better than drinking some yoghurt or something like that, because there are sugars in youghurt usually and it's better if you eat or drink something like kefir, I mean, the thing, which doesn't have sugars in it. It's a great thing for dieting and people usually have kefir in their diet plans and there are some kefirs with fat of 3. 2% and with 1. 5% and you can choose which one you want. Well, 1. 5% kefir is not as thick as that kefir with 3. 2% fat, however, it's probably better to have 1. 5% kefir if you are on a diet, well, at least, that's what nutritionists say, that you should take less fatty dairy products when you are on a diet. You know, there are many things, that you can eat when you are on a diet, however, it's not always possible to have them with you or you are not able to eat them at certain times, because you have some things to do, I mean, you have lectures, or you are at work or something like that and it's pretty hard to be on a diet that way. Well, you know, there are these chicken fillet and fish and matsoni and stuff like that and cottage cheese, which people usually have as their diet products, however, as i have already mentioned, it is not that easy to eat those things during the day in those certain times, which is needed for your diet and you just have to eat some fast food or things like that to just take away that hunger and eat something very fast and things like that, you know. Having a bottle of kefir with you and drinking it whenever you feel hungry or thirsty is just a great idea for dieting.

Different types of kefir you find in Tbilisi

There are kefir in 500 ml and 1 litre bottles and you can choose which one you want to have, however, it's more comfortable to have that 500 ml kefir in your bag or with you or whatever, than the whole 1 litre bottle, if you ask me. Because that 1 litre bottle is pretty huge and it's not that easy to carry it with you in your bag and, well, it's impossible to carry it with your bag, if you ask me, because people usually have those small bags and even if you have a large bag, it's not that efficient and comfortable to have that 1 litre bottle kefir with you. As you know, dairy products get sour pretty fast, I mean, they are not supposed to be in hot or even warm temperature, because then they will get bitter quickly and you should have them in the fridge or in a cool place and, well, when you are at work or on lectures, there's usually a warm place where you are and if you have this large bottle of kefir, it will get bitter faster, than that small bottle of kefir, I mean, you will drink the small one faster than the large one and, hence, you will not have to carry that bottle with you anymore and you won't have much kefir with you and it won't get bitter that way. You know, I have always wanted to take some dairy products with me and it was not that easy to do that because of those reasons of dairy being very sensitive to temperatures and things like that and, well, it also needed to have a spoon or fork or something to eat it with something, because if you eat cottage cheese or sour cream or matsoni, you need to have a spoon to eat them with, however, that doesn't concern about the milk and yoghurt, because they are in bottles and you can just drink them from there.

Though, I don't really get well with milk, because as much as I like drinking milk, I still can not really drink it much, because then I get bloating. To be honest, not everyone gets that feeling after drinking the milk, so that don't get me wrong and don't think, that if you drink milk, you will get the same feeling, too, because some people can drink litres of milk a day and still be just great. In fact, drinking milk is great for our bones especially and it's good to know, that you should drink milk from time to time. However, if you take some other dairy products, drinking milk can be skipped because of that, you know, so that you should not worry too much if you are not getting any milk as your supplement. There are all those sour creams and yoghurts and cottage cheese and cheese and butter, which you can have throughout the day and they are made from milk, you know, so that you practically get some piece of milk when eating those products.

Anyways, it has been some years since I got to know about kefir and when I realised that it could be a good thing for carrying with you and, at the same time, getting you all satietied, I started buying it. It was like milk, however, it was not milk at the same time, I mean, it was a thick milk and it didn't really have that milk tasteand it was like a neutral thing in taste and it felt good, when I drank it. You really feel refreshed while drinking kefir, because it kind of gives you that drinking water feeling and you are not thirsty anymore and you are not hungry anymore.


Kefir in Tbilisi supermarkets

Well, there are all those different types of kefir in Tbilisi supermarkets, which you can easily buy anywhere, because there are those supermarkets everywhere now and there's no place without supermarket, I guess. And there are different companies, which offfer different kefirs to the customers. I have tasted almost every type of kefir that there is there, so I will try to tell you the difference and which one is the best.

Milko Food kefir

First of all, I tasted the Milko Food kefir, which is in 500 ml and 1 litre bottles and it has this blue mark on it, which is kind of Milko Food's logo or something like that. They cost about 2 and 4 laris, I mean, the small one costs a little bit more than 2 laris and the large one with that 1 litre kefir in it costs a little more than 4 laris, well, up to 5 laris, so that it's not that cheap to buy some kefir, if you want to know the truth. However, all the dairy products are cheap.

So, this Milko Food kefir is pretty good, it's not very thick and it doesn't taste bad and it's not that fatty either, so that you can buy it and drink it, however, it's not the winner in kefirs, I guess. And you will find that Milko Food kefir in all those supermarkets, however, there are some differences in prices in some supermarkets. So, that product is recommended by me and this Milko kefir is pretty good thing to drink, and the bottle itself is not that uncomfortable to carry, however, it has this wide head, so that it's kind of uncomfortable to just drink from the bottle, however, it's still not that bad and most of the companies of milk products have those wide headed bottles for milk and kefir.

Soplis Nobati kefir

Another company which is pretty popular in Georgia is called "Soplis Nobati" and it translates into English as something like "Gift from Village" and they have all those dairy products, which are pretty good and they say, that their products are not gene-modified and with false milk and many people buy their products. So that, they also have this kefir and I drank it the other day and it was kefir with 1. 5% fat and it was pretty good to drink, however, it was not that good to be the winner here, I guess. Though, I think, it is better than that Milko Food kefir, but they were kind of the same. There was a little difference between them still, I think.

Well, this one costs kind of the same, all those 500 ml kefirs cost almost the same. They are a little more than 2 Laris each and I am talking about 500 ml kefirs. However, this one is in a strange bottle and it's not that comfortable to carry, if you ask me.


Aktivia kefir

Then there's this kefir of Aktivia and people know Aktivia to be with bifidobacteria and enzymes for your gastrointestinal tract to function better and people like buying some Aktivia yoghurts for that and they don't cost cheap, if you want to know the truth, if some other yoghurts cost up to 1 lari, these yoghurts are more than 1 lari and up to 2 laris, I guess. So that it's really something, or else, it wouldn't be that expensive comparing to other companies' yoghurts. However, you may not guess that because of the prices. That's not always the case and people shouldn't judge by those prices, if you ask me. However, there's this tendency of judging everything by their price and people want to by those stuff which costs more, because they think, that they are better than those cheaper ones.

Santino kefir

Theres another kefir, which is produced by Santino company and they have these two types of kefir and one is 1. 5% and the second is 3. 2% and they both are pretty good, however, I still prefer to buy that less fatty kefir. At first, I didn't want to buy this kefir, however, then my friend told me, that it was better to buy Santino kefir and since then, I just buy that kefir and it has just been recently that I started drinking kefir again.

Well, when you have kefir with you, you can drink it and it gives you this refreshing feeling and you dont really feel hungry or thirsty anymore and thats pretty awesome, because then you can know, that you can buy that kefir and it will help you throughout the day.


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