Experience in Salzburg, Austria by Linda

What is it like living in Salzburg? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

A great feeling! Some people pay thousands of Euros to be here for three days! Living here is already a privilege!

The city is not very big, by bike you can easily get from A to B within minutes. Unfortunately it is often very rainy in Salzburg, but with that there are also unbearably hot days in summer.

Most of the people are friendly and only a small number are stressed or on edge.

How is the student life in Salzburg?

There are a lot of parties and bars for students.

The FH Salzburg (Fachhochschule Salzburg/Salzburg University of Applied Sciences) is located way out in Urstein, by train you can easily reach there within 10 minutes. There are often good student parties there with good prices! Generally you should not discount Salzburg’s surroundings, in the countryside people party harder and cheaper than in the city.

How much does it cost to live in Salzburg?

Salzburg is the most expensive city in Austria. Housing in the centre is almost unaffordable.

Food prices are also rather expensive but are also bearable.

Going out can cost a lot at the weekend, so now and again simply stay at home with a bottle of wine and the loved ones.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Salzburg? Can you give any advice to other students?

Do not search for housing in the centre or in the old town!

Outside it is cheaper, many institutions can be easily reached within 15-20 minutes by bus or bike.

How is the food? What are your favourite dishes?

You can try Salzburger Nockerl if you like sugar. The food is essentially good, but not outstanding.

Leberkassemmerl or Wiener Schnitzel are very popular. Whoever wishes to can make a detour to our neighbour Bavaria, where there are pretzels and Weißwurscht.

Generally, the dishes are very meat-heavy. Vegetarian options for the people of Salzburg are baked camembert or Kaiserschmarn. Vegans will have it difficult. You should certainly try Schweinsbraten or Bosna once.

Which must-see places are there in Salzburg?

  • Die Burg
  • Haus der Natur
  • Hellbrunn
  • Salzach Radweg
  • Altstadt (old town)
  • Anif Waldbad
  • Müllner Bräu
  • Europark and Ikea

Can you eat out well in Salzburg? Would you be able to tell us your favourite places?

  • Pizzeria Magno
  • Escoba
  • Pizzeria L'Osteria
  • St. Peterstiftskeller (very expensive)
  • Raschhofer Alpenstraße
  • Müllner Bräu

Is the nightlife good in Salzburg? Where are the best places to party?

  • Along Rudolfskai
  • Half Moon
  • City Beatz
  • Müllner Bräu
  • Beyond the city!

What would you want to give to future students in Salzburg to take away with them?

If you are a city person, look around in Salzburg’s surroundings. There you can do incredibly good outdoor sports! Also partying in the countryside can reach completely new dimensions. In the summer, during the time of festival avoid the old town! That belongs to the tourists! Beyond there, for example in the Anifer Waldbad you can fully relax. On rainy days you could go into the Haus der Natur (House of Nature) or into one of the surrounding thermae, e. g. in Reichenhall.

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