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México lindo y querido

Published by Kirsten Phillip — 9 months ago

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I would completly recommend Queretaro.I spent one year living there studying at ITESM Campus Qro. The city is very central and one of the safest in Mexico. It is a perfect base for visiting other cities/areas of the country. The historical centre is really beautiful with many markets, churches, colourful streets and great food. The food is amazing, especially all the street food. I found it was cheaper to eat out than it was to buy food and cook. Tacos de pastor and chilaquiles were my favourite. 

ITESM is a great university, and I found they were really great with international students. There are orientation days organised, a nice office open all the time where lots of help is given, both in English and Spanish. They also organise trips and special events for celebrations. The classes were all interesting and not too much work. 

Querétaro is a great place for learning Spanish. The people are friendly and always want to speak to you and help you. As it is not a common destination for international tourism, they will be curious about you and pleased you have choosen Mexico and their city to live. I found it easy to make many mexican friends as well as with the other international students. It is a popular choice for international students, when I was there, there was about 150 of us. 

Flats were easy to find, the Facebook page ITESM Campus Querétaro is used especially by the Mexican students to advertise rooms avaliable. Also, every semester a facebook page is set up for the incoming international exchange students which is really useful for meeting people and also finding flats and flatmates. 

I could go on and on, I loved my time in Qro and fell in love with Mexico, as did all the other exchange students that were there with me. It is an amazing country, so much more than just Cancun and I could not recommend it enough. ¡Viva México!

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