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Erasmus Mexico

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    Chichén Itzá

    Chichén Itzá is one of the most important tourist attractions in Mexico. It's located in the Yucatán peninsula and is famous for the archaeological remains which came from the Mayan civilisation. Normally it's a must-do trip of any tourist agenda; it's a huge...

    by Ross in What to see México, D.F., one month ago
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    Tulum is situated in Quintana Roo which in its time, formed part of the Mayan Riviera. This place is famous because in antiquity, the Mayan civilisation had a lot of importance. It's a walled city which used to act as a strategic place in front of other tribes or boats...

    by Ross in What to see México, D.F., one month ago
  • Experience

    Experience in Ensenada, Mexico by Bertha

    How does Ensenada seem as a place to live? Do you recommend it? What's it like? Ensenada is a wonderful port, it's a very calm city. The weather in general is very nice and 20C on average. There are many places to visit, there's the Bufadora, the Sierra de San Pedro...

    0 by Ashlee in Erasmus experiences Ensenada, one month ago
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    Experience in Guadalajara, Mexico by Yunue

    What is it like to live in Guadalajara? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? It's having both a big city and a small one at the same time. Guadalajara has around 6 million people so it can be chaotic, but somehow still has some of the quite vibe of a small...

    0 by Yunue in Erasmus experiences Guadalajara, one month ago
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    Playa Tortugas

    Beautiful little beach in the Mexican Caribbean This was our first day on the beach in Cancún, I was excited to get to know the Caribbean - this incredible paradise with white sand and turquoise waters which up until then I had only seen in travel magazines writing...

    by Ross in What to do Cancun, one month ago
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    Tulum Ruins

    When I arrived in Mexico, I made a stop in Cancún which lasted approximately 3 days which was not enough time because there's so much to see and do... but despite that, I was able to move around the area a little. As for me, I had a few days, so I decided to stay in a...

    by Ross in What to see Cancun, one month ago
  • Accommodation

    cheap accommodation in guadalajara

    2000 pesos a month all included. Shared rooms bunk beds with curtains and night light. Etc.    I don't deposit shared rooms. 24 hrs in the care of the house.I also have service of hostal  150 pesos per day. For short stays.Economic Packages of food opsional, from...

  • Experience

    Experience in Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico by Nubia Ilia

    Generally, what is Autonomous University of Puebla like? The university is very nice, is bigg and it has open spaces to study, also it has library access.What are the facilities like? There is transport for students and you can use bicycles for moving inside...

    0 by Nubia Ilia in Erasmus experiences BUAP , one month ago
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    A cenote is nothing more than a hole with water. They usually have a circular shape and connect with ground water. They often have vines which to me, seems to make them even more beautiful. Apparently, there are many cenotes within the Yucatan peninsular; the majority...

    by Beth in What to see México, D.F., one month ago
  • Accommodation


    Hello everyone ,My name is aurel and i am originally from germany currently living with my girlfriend and my little french bulldog here in gudalajara , mexico .We a young couple who like to travel and very easy people to live and share a beautiful home to foreign people...

    in University dorms Guadalajara, one month ago
  • Experience

    Experience in Mexico City, Mexico by Samantha

    What do you think about living in Mexico city? Do you recommend it? How is it? Mexico City is a very large and highly populated city. The people are nice but in the city, they want speed. The prices are cheap in comparison to European cities and you can find all sorts...

    0 by Beth in Erasmus experiences México, D.F., one month ago
  • Accommodation

    Comfortable and perfect students house

    Tecalli students rooms are a buisness focused of students rooms, with differents agreements with universities. Provide a quality service that gives you tranquility, comfort, and safety to enjoy a pleasant stay and a great student atmosphere, We count now with 11 rooms...

  • New photos in Pachuca

    gallery updated, one month ago
  • Experience

    Experience in México, D.F., Mexico by Miguel

    What is it like to live in México, D.F.? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world, what means there are many things to do. In downtown, there are a great variety of restaurants that you can choose, it depends...

    0 by Miguel in Erasmus experiences México, D.F., one month ago
  • Accommodation

    Location near the beach

    Shared 2 bedroom / 2 Bathrooms with other person, super clean with security cameras near the beac and completely equiped...near Mamitas Beach, there is only one person living in the house lots of shops and commodities great location ideal roommates must be serious and...

  • Accommodation

    Room for rent in Colonia del Valle $5000.00 MXN

    2 Rooms with bed & sheets. Internet: Yes Square meters: 140 m2 Shared apartment Services included Wifi/Fridge/Tv/ Maid 1 time every week. Metro near Eugenia & Division del Norte (Metro that goes to Ciudad Universitaria)Send me what's app for photos Ready on...

  • Accommodation

    Great room in Guadalajara, very close to Tec!

    Very nice area to live in, Colonia Solares is 15 min walking, 5 by uber to University Tecnologico de Monterrey, we live two mexican girls and one french guy, the room has its own bathroom, and it has furniture as well, it is a very nice place to rest and study but also...

  • Accommodation

    Cozy House in the Heart of Mexico City.

    We own a cozy Home in the Central area of Mexico City.   Offering 8 Private Rooms with services included. We believe in quality of life, Mexico City is a large and Busy Metropolis,  being in a Central area well communicated with all the transportation services that...

  • Accommodation

    Spare room for rent

    Spare room for rent in Coyoacan Spare room for rent in Coyoacan, 8 minutes away from UNAM, all services included.  We are a married couple (ages 33 and 26) no kids, two small dogs, with a spare room for rent in our apartment. the apartment has three bedrooms, only one...

  • Accommodation

    Large and sunny room in shared flat

    Hey! We have an available room in our flat in Mexico City. The room has a double bed, big closet, and drawer space. It is an exterior room so it is very sunny. It is in a shared three-bedroom flat with a full kitchen, living room, washing machine. You will share the...

  • Accommodation

    Loft/suites forman 1 student

    Individual loft/studio for 1 student. Very close from Santa Fe universities area (Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Santa Fe, Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Panamericana, Universidad Anahuac del Norte). Inside a beutiful and privite equestrian center that offers...

    in Studios México, D.F., 3 months ago
  • Roommate

    Swiss scholar (33 years of age) looking for a room in Mexico City

    First of all, I apologize for not writing in Spanish, but my level is at the moment not good enough. However, a reply or e-mail in Spanish is very welcome! I'm a Swiss scholar planning to stay 12 months in Mexico City from 1st February 2017 and I'm looking for a room. I...

    in Roommates México, D.F., 3 months ago
  • Accommodation

    Student exchange, Estudiantes Intercambio CUCEA

    Hello, if you are a student and you are looking for a room near CUCEA, Autonoma or Tec de Monterrey this is a great option for you, rento a room, which includes all services. -Water -Light -Internet -Ded -Desktop -Organizer Clothes. The area is extremely quiet, with...

  • Experience

    Experience in Guadalajara, Mexico by Jimena

    What is it like to live in Guadalajara? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Is verte beautiful. Very famous for the culture. Guadalajara has everything. Very close to Beaches or woods. It has different city parts for different interestsWhat is the student...

    0 by Jimena in Erasmus experiences Guadalajara, 3 months ago
  • New photos in Monterrey Institute of Technology

    gallery updated, 3 months ago
  • Roommate

    Comunidad Europea de Monterrey

    Hola chicos, Si quieren informacion sobre cualquier cosa alojamiento, fiestas, integracion, eventos, todo tipo de informacion pueden consultar conmigo o buscar en las redes sociales como Eventos Europeos en Monterrey, o Kano Polska, tenemos un grupo donde nos reunimos...

    in Roommates Monterrey, 3 months ago
  • Accommodation

    Deluxe room for foreign students Puebla,Pue.

    Stay in our residence for students in the best area of Puebla (near to Anahuac University, Ibero, Tecnologico de Monterrey, UDLAP, UVM, UMAD,) Live with people from different parts of the world. Prevailing language, Spanish Details of the available room:-Large private...

    in University dorms Puebla, 3 months ago
  • Experience

    Experience in México, D.F., Mexico by Arturo

    What is it like to live in México, D.F.? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? It's a really good and funny city, it has everything someone search for. But you have to be carefully in not going to dangeorous places, as every city it has places that are not as...

    0 by Arturo in Erasmus experiences México, D.F., 4 months ago
  • Accommodation

    Two nice bedrooms for rent in a family house in El Refugio, Querétaro

    Nice family house with two floors, three bedrooms, two bathroome, big kitchen, living room, dining room, patio and big garden in front of the house. My mother lives in the house and will take good care of you, and of course will show you how to cook great Mexican food,...

    in University dorms Queretaro, 4 months ago
  • Blog

    Finding a perfect apartment at AIRBNB app

    Whats up beauties? Today I'm telling you how I find a perfect apartment at Airbnb app.  First, let me tell you some important things. The reason Airbnb is the only app mentioned in this post is because that was the app I used and that was the one that worked well for...

    0 by Gabriela in Erasmus blog México, D.F., 4 months ago
  • Blog

    Colores del Mexico

    Some days ago, a friend asked me what I miss the most about Mexico. And that question hit so me hard, because I had never thought about it before.  So, back at home, I had some thoughts about things I really miss about MX, and I my conclusion was: the air.  This...

    0 by Gabriela in Erasmus blog México, D.F., 4 months ago
  • Blog

    Who am I and how did I end up in Mexico City?

    Introducing myself is always a hard task to me. There are a few things I hate more than talking about myself. I don't like doing this unless it's  extremely necessary. And, unfortunately, I guess it's the case. Or otherwise, how could you possible trust someone you...

    0 by Gabriela in Erasmus blog México, D.F., 4 months ago
  • Accommodation

    Student home comfortable and modern for students looking to enjoy their period of exchange or university

    Student home comfortable and modern for students looking to enjoy their period of exchange or university in a suitable place with spaces designed especially for you. We are located 10 minutes from the CUCEA UdeG and 15 minutes from Angel Leaño Hospital. With various...

  • Experience

    Experience in Leon, Mexico by Ana

    What is it like to live in Leon? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? It's an industrial city. The families here know each other for long generation ago. People is warm if you're foreign. It's 30 minutes away from Guanajuato one of the most beautiful cities...

    0 by Ana in Erasmus experiences Leon, 4 months ago
  • Accommodation

    Room near to UDLAP

    We rent a house and we have one room available. We are students in UDLAP and of course our first language is spanish, so if you want to practice spanish we can do this :). We have experience rent with exchange students so if you're one of them we can help you! If you're...

  • Experience

    México, D.F. by Gabriela

    How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs? I received three thousand euros for one semester scholarship program.  What is the student lifestyle like in México, D.F.? Thousands of students arrive in Mexico every year....

  • Accommodation

    Nice room in a share appatment for men

    Nice fully furnished room, a spacious shared apartment of 4 bedrooms, fully equipped, dining room kitchen, washing machine and maid's room. Fully furnished bedroom, closet bed, sofabed. In the historical center of Mexico City, a few blocks from the Museum of Fine Arts...

  • Accommodation

    Beautiful room in a share apartment for girls

    Nice room with balcony and large closet. It is in a very nice apartment in a building with 5 years of antiquity and super nice view on a 5th floor. One of the best areas to live. It has ecobicis, bars and restaurants. Super quiet with 24 hour surveillance and security...

  • Accommodation

    Private Room in New Furnished Apartment

    Hello! We have a big private double room in our comfy apartment available from January the 1st. We are looking for cool, organized and clean people to share our flat. The room has a bed ready to be use. Also a spacious closet. It is a very large and bright apartment...

  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in México, D.F., Mexico by Oscar

    Why did you choose to go to México, D.F., Mexico? I came here to study and I'm sure I made the right decision.How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs? It is 5 years long. I spend around 900 mexican pesos a week.Would you...

    0 by Oscar in Erasmus experiences México, D.F., 4 months ago

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