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5 Places to Visit Towards the Central Jungle of Peru

Hello everyone!

I hope that each one of you is well!

This will be my last article on this blog and so, I was thinking of the things I could write about when it occurred to me to quickly talk about the Central Jungle Route taken on your way through the Peruvian jungle.

The central jungle, although it seems illogical, is one of the least visited place in Peru if you compare it with the South, like the cities of Arequipa or Cizco. Because of this, I think this is an incredible opportunity to tell you about the marvelous place in my country that has greenery to offer everyone.




As a preface, I would like to tell you that before going to this jungle, you should also take advantage of visiting Tarma, a place found in the sierra and that is known as the Pearl of the Andes. You can find an incredible variety of flowers like the beautiful Alheli Peach flower.


La Merced

The first city that I would recommend you visit is called La Merced and it is a city that has quite a lot of mototaxis where you can find travel agencies to help you explore your surroundings, like the Bride's Veil waterfall and the Byoz waterfall. Near La Merced you can also find native communities, as well as navigate the river and find coffee making factories.




This city is one of the most beautiful that will find on this tour through the jungle, here you can find caves which have some cockerels in them that are considered the national birds of Peru. On the other hand, you can also take advantage of the streets that have a European style, in addition to eating in the markets that are economic. I suggest you also go through the cathedral that is made of wood.




The town of Pozuzo is one of the most beautiful places you will find in the jungle, in a quiet part where the descendants of the German-austro settlers live. They arrived in Peru in order to populate the land, there is a cemetery here as well as a museum dedicated to the first inhabitants of this part of the jungle. Another thing I recommend to visit is the suspended bridge that hangs near the town of Pozuzo. Finally, I should tell you that they celebrate October Fest.




The city of the Huánucan Lions is not found in the jungle territory, nor in the sierra, it is a city that is considered to have the best climate in the world. Here you can find the lock-and-key bridge, as well as the Plaza de Armas. Really close to the city you can find the Tomayquichua part where, according to the inhabitants, it is the place where Miquita Villegas was born, better known as La Perricholi. Finally, you should go to the archaeological centre of Kotosh where you can find the Temple of the Crossed Hands.



Tingo Maria

The city of Tingo María is one of the most diverse and natural in the jungle, where you will find yourself in contact with nature and where you can take advantage of getting to know the National Park of Tingo María. Here there is a great variety of flora and fauna as well as a silhouette of a sleeping beauty. Tingo María has lots of commercial movement and with rich, exotic food, as well as museums and a snake house.




The entirety of this trip I did in a week by a bus that leaves Lima, you can find a company on the Javier Prado avenue, and from there I started my journey for almost a week, full of adventures and things that I will remember forever.

I hope that you have enjoyed each one of my publications on this blog, and that they have motivated you to write, and above all to go and visit Peru! It is a marvelous country, thank you for everything.

Continue discovering places and you will discover yourself as well!

Until next time, Peru-lovers!


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