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Living in Naples: much more than what Tv shows

Published by Michela Gargiulo — 11 months ago

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TV programms are plenty of images showing Naples as a dirty and dangerous city, governed by criminality and corruption. Yes, Naples has many problems but as many big cities all around the world.

Go beyond stereotypes and experience your fantastic stay in Naples!

Living in Naples: much more than what Tv shows

Naples is a city rich of beauty, history, landscapes, attractions, wonders and contradictions and the time to visit and fully understand it is never enough.

Piazza Garibaldi is the main terminal of the city transport. From Piazza Garibaldi you can reach anywhere in the city of Naples and the entire metropolitan area, even the province, through the underground, the main lines of buses and trains of the state railways. The means of transport aren't expensive compared to many European cities, but they're often late and crowded too. 

Via Duomo, along Via San Biagio dei Librai, you'll cross the famous historic center of Naples, and will cross it through the famous Spaccanapoli, the lower decumanus of the ancient Naples dating back to the Roman period of the city. It is here when you can experience the uniqueness of the city and why not, stop to try one of the local specialities ( don't miss to try Pizza al portafoglio and Pizza fritta: you won't regret it!). Forget your diet plans during your stay: you'll gain in happiness!

Living in Naples: much more than what Tv shows

Sfogliatelle: riccia e frolla

As for the weather, summer is hot and even in winter it never gets too cold. Events and concerts are frequent all over the year and you won't get bored in your free time.

"I've been around the world ... the sun of Naples I've never found anywhere!" Roberto Murolo sang.

Trust me, you'll fall in love with the city!

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