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  • Experience

    Living in Naples: much more than what Tv shows

    TV programms are plenty of images showing Naples as a dirty and dangerous city, governed by criminality and corruption. Yes, Naples has many problems but as many big cities all around the world. Go beyond stereotypes and experience your fantastic stay in Naples! Naples...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus experiences Naples, 11 months ago
  • Experience

    Studying in Naples: UNINA

    Is it always hard to be objective when you're rating your home university, but I'll try my best to show its pros and cons. One of the oldest University of Europe and the oldest public non-religious university of the world, it was founded by the emperor Federico II in...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus experiences UNINA , 11 months ago
  • Blog

    How to sound like a pro in German

    Have you been studying German for ages but you still feel that you're not good enough? The question is: does anyone actually feel good at German? Probably not, but using a figurative language will boost you to a native speaker level. Here are 5 sentences that will make...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus tips, 11 months ago
  • Blog

    5 false stereotypes about the Erasmus

    Is your first time abroad and you don't know what to expect? Have you ever spent time reading about Erasmus but are you sure that everthing is true? Here are 5 false stereotypes you'll surely hear. Exams are just a formality for Erasmus students! Absolutely false!...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus tips, 11 months ago
  • Blog

    NOT TO DO LIST before leaving for an Erasmus stay

    Are you about to leave for your first Erasmus but preparations for the departure are stressing you out? Well, here are my advices for you. Don’t put off your deadlines! Burocracy first! It is probably the worst part of the Erasmus, but it is necessary. Have your...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus tips, 11 months ago
  • Blog

    How to survive in a German speaking country

    Learning a new language is never easy and German is not an exception. Not at all. Before moving to Germany, I had been studying German for years but I did not need much time to realise that my German wasn't good enough. So, my first piece of advice is:  Don't be...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus tips, 11 months ago
  • Blog

    Trier and the wine region

    Have you ever had the impression that you haven't been travelling enough? Well, in that case: make up for lost time and go visit Trier! Trier lies in a valley near the border with Luxembourg and within the important Moselle wine region. The Mosel is mainly famous for...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus blog Trier, 11 months ago
  • Blog

    Road to Mannheim: much more than Primark!

    If you're staying in Heidelberg, at least once you'll go to Mannheim. In just 15 minutes by train ( or 45 minutes by tram n. 5), you'll arrive in this modern and busy town.  Heidelberg's alter ego willl perfectly suit to all those who are looking for more than just "a...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus blog Mannheim, 11 months ago
  • Blog

    One-day trip to Speyer!

    Is it your first time in Germany and you’re willing to travel without paying too much?  Come to Speyer, a lovely town on the Rhine! Speyer is 25 km south of Ludwigshafen  and Mannheim and if you’re studying at the Ruprecht-Karls Universitaet of Heidelberg, it...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus blog UNI-HEIDELBERG, 11 months ago
  • Place

    Castello di Heidelberg

    Situato nella parte storica della città, il castello di Heidelberg è sicuramente una delle mete da non perdere durante il vostro soggiorno in zona. Raggiungibile a piedi attraverso una piccola salita, il mezzo più utilizzato rimane senza dubbio la funicolare (che...

    by Michela in What to see Heidelberg, 11 months ago
  • Experience

    Ruprecht-Karls Universitaet: the oldest university in Germany

    As foreign language student, I have always considered going abroad as a fundamental part of my studies... and the University of Heidelberg didn't disappoint me at all! The teachers were well prepared and incredibly easy-going. Coming from a country, where teachers...

    0 by Michela in Erasmus experiences UNI-HEIDELBERG , 11 months ago

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