My Erasmus Exchange in Munich, 2009-10

Why did you choose to go to Munich, Germany?

I chose Germany because I wanted to practise my language skills, and chose Munich in particular because it's a large and beautiful city.

How long did your exchange last? How much were you paid?

My exchange lasted for ten months and I received support from the state and from the Generalitat Valenciana, a total of 335 euros a month.

What's the student life like in Munich?

The student life is out of this world. There are three main public universities there, and loads of student cafe zones, etc.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Munich to other students?

I'd highly recommend the city and the university, especially the TUM, which was really good for engineering.

What's German food like?

I really liked it. You will too if you like traditional German food, and there's also the Bavarian specialities, such as Weisswurst and Leberkäse.

How did you find your accommodation?

München Hochschule offered me a room in a student hall of residence directly. After the end of this year they're stopping this however. Studentenwerk manage the halls of residences ( and you can look for flats using this site:

What are the accommodation prices like?

The Studentenwerk halls of residences are usually cheap. I'm currently living in Olympiazentrum, which consists of lots of bungalows (not for Erasmus students, but for long-term students), apartment blocks (rooms with a kitchen and private bathroom). The apartments are 258 euros a month. This year they are renovating the building from October 1st onwards, so there won't be any rooms available here. Another similar style hall is Studentenstadt (on the U6 line), and others I think are nice are Stifbogen and Klinikum Grossharden.

How are you finding the language? Have you signed up to a language class at the university?

Generally, it's hard to come here without any German skills at all. I had been learning German for a while and went to a course at the university, but the ones offered at the Hochschule are a waste of time.

What's the cheapest way of getting to Munich from your home city?

Flying from Valencia to Munich, changing in Madrid, Barcelona or Palma de Mallorca. Normally Airberlin, Spanair or Iberia are the best airlines to go for. From November, there'll be a direct Ryanair flight from Valencia to Munich.

What are the best places for partying in Munich?

The first thing you should do is join the Facebook group 'MESA - Erasmus Munich'. It's a student group at the LMU university which organises trips, parties and pub meet-ups every Wednesday for Erasmus students. Aside from this, the best-known place for going out is near the Ostbahnhof stop, where there are loads of clubs. For going out for drinks and cocktails, there's Münchener Freiheit and Leopoldstrasse.

What about eating out in Munich? What are your favourite places?

Any Biergarten is good for eating out at, though they're not particularly cheap. For dinners, I recommend the student restaurants and bars near the metro stop called 'Universität'.

What does Munich have to offer in terms of culture?

The best thing to do is to sign yourself up for a Freetour ( In about four hours, they tell you all about the city's most important points, beginning with Marienplatz in the very centre of the city. I'd also recommend Neuwachstein Castle, two and a half hours from Munich, the football stadium, etc.

Do you have any advice for future students coming to Munich?

The most important thing if you want to improve your German is not to spend all your time hanging our with other internationals!

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