Experience in Munich, Germany by Lissy | Erasmus experience Munich

Experience in Munich, Germany by Lissy

What life is like in Munich? Would I recommend it? How is the city?

Especially in the summer, I love living in Munich. There are numerous green areas like the English Garden where everybody chills outside to either play volleyball, beer pong, go jogging or get tanned.


How is the student lifestyle in Munich?

You do not have attendance at university, so you are free to organize your time. If you do not like to get up early every morning, you do not have to; every night can be Saturday! My university is right next to the English Garden, so during the break, I like to do a picnic with my friends.


How much does it cost to live in Munich?

Munich is quite expensive. If you want to rent a room in a shared flat it will cost you at least 450 € per month, but the price can rise to 600 €. My advice is to live in a dormitory for students, you get your room, which is very clean, cheaper and nice in Munich. I always look at the price of the beer to see how expensive a city is. In fact, in a bar in Munich, you pay for a beer from 2,50 € to 3,50 € (for half a liter). So I would say that the price of food and drinks in Munich is quite normal for a European country.


Is it difficult to found accommodation in Munich? Is there any advice I can give?

Yes, it is. Munich is pretty crowded. I recommend you to live in a dormitory for students (Erasmus students, are treated with priority). Meanwhile, you can look for a room in a shared flat (in case you want to move).

What is the food like? Which are my favorite dishes?

Munich is a multicultural city, this means, you can find almost every kind of cuisines. I recommend going to a beer garden and order pork with potato dumplings (Schweinebraten mit Kartoffelknödel) and a Breeze!


Which places would I suggest to visit in Munich?

Definitely the English Garden for picnics, Monopterus, Eisbach for swimming, Isar for grilling, Bahnwärter Thiel for dancing, Alte Utting or Beergarden for drinking (I love the "Chinesischer Turm" or "Hirschau" beers).


Is it good to eat out in Munich? Can you tell us your favorite eateries?

Yes, definitely. I love sushi at “Sushi Sano” (they have great soups too), for Italian food I love "Lo’steria", "Koriander 2" has great Vietnamese food and for Bavarian food I suggest the beer gardens.


Is the nightlife good in Munich? Which places would I suggest?

Yes, there is something for everyone. It depends on what kind of music you like.

Good techno clubs: Pimpernel, Blitz, Harry klein, Rote Sonne, Bahnwärter Thiel, and Goldener Reiter.

Indie clubs: Cord Club and Folks.

I am not into Hip Hop, but there are two clubs that I know: Crux and Crowns.

Last but not least, the Mainstream: Willenlos, Neuraum, Filmcasino, and (P1 - it’s posh).

Besides, many bars and pubs close late, some even have great beer and all night are open!

What advice would I give for the future students coming to Munich?

Read this blog: mit Vergnügen München!

They write every day what is going on in Munich (art, flea markets, parties, concerts, events to get to know new people, etc). They also give the best advice to the new young people who want to explore Munich.


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