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Munich, beer and monks

Why did you choose to go to Munich, Germany?

It was my first choice in terms of German cities. I was given the choice between Munich or Kempten in the Alps.

I'd been to Munich on holiday before, and had been wanting to go back there since I'd really fallen in love with the city.

How long did your exchange last? How much were you paid?

Ten months, and I received 240 euros a month. This wasn't enough to live on as Munich is an expensive city to live in, but it does help pay for your accommodation.

What's the student life like in Munich?

It's fantastic. There are students from all over the world, even from countries I'd never heard of before or heard little about (I was 20 when I went to Munich), such as Georgia.

There are also loads of options in terms of what to study.

Would you recommend the city and University of Munich to other students?

Yes, it's a marvellous city, and for me, a serious candidate in my decision of where to live in the future.

What's German food like?

German and generally central european food is good. The problem lots of Spaniards and Italians have with it is that the food we eat in our countries is kind of Champions League food, and central european food is more like First Division, which means lowering your standards a little, and learning to still really enjoy the food.

What are the accommodation prices like? How high are prices in general?

The student halls of residence are usually quite reasonably priced, but finding a flat in Munich for under 260 euros a month can be really difficult. The normal amount you'd expect to pay would be 300.

How are you finding the language? Have you signed up to a language class at the university?

German is a really hard language, one which you have to practise constantly since it's very easy to forget what you've already learned, a typical characteristic of this language. This makes it pretty hard to master, but I still really like it.

I'd already attended courses at my own university for two years in German.

What's the cheapest way of getting to Munich from your home city?

You can fly from Alicante El Altet with Ryanair to a town near to Munich. The most comfortable way of getting there is flying with Airberlin from Murcia or Alicante, and if you book far enough in advance, this can even turn out to be just as cheap as flying with Ryanair. You also get a larger hand baggage allowance, etc.

What are the best places for partying in Munich?

In the city centre, there are plenty of bars and near the university metro stop there are clubs. Kultfabrik is the classic club for tourists who stop at Ostbahnhof.

I only really went to parties in the halls of residences. There are loads which people meet up at during the week to drink a few litres of Agustiner, which is great.

What about eating out in Munich? What are your favourite places?

The Agustiner Brauerei. Get tram number 17 or 19 from the Hauptbahnhof, and get off after three or four stops.

What does Munich have to offer in terms of culture?

Munich has loads to offer culturally. The city centre is full of historic buildings and monuments, and there are always classical music concerts, theatre performances, etc. La Residenz is beautiful to admire, or the Nymphenburg Palace, which has extensive gardens you can enjoy in every season.

Do you have any advice for future students coming to Munich?

That they bite the bullet and go, and live life to the full whilst there.;) Though German seems difficult, in three to five months, you'll be speaking it very well. It's worth it.

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