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Pretty Laureles: a settlement without Gringos

Translated by Evie Quinlan — 3 years ago

Original text by Diane Philips

Pretty Laureles: a settlement without Gringos.


The stadium is the nerve centre of Laureles, the beautiful moneyed commune of an imperial name. Like in the settlement, with a road along the canalization, small jungles where the bamboos shine with real fluorescent at night whilst the restaurants and bars resound with compatriot joy. To the south of the stadium, in the middle of the triangle formed by the University of Medellin, to the West, the Nutibara Hotel, next to the river and the stadium to the North, you will find the UPB, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, another Private and prestigious university of the city, where they organise wonderful exhibitions.

To the North of UPB is the Tíbiri Bar (Cr 70 # 44B-01), where there is a salsa bar in the basement, Passional and street alternative of El Eslabón, the one on the other side of the river. A little to the west, about 200 meters from each other, on each side of the Transversal 39B or Nutibara bordering the UPB, are the First and Second Laurel Parks, which are distinguished by the strange and beautiful trees that populate them and the shops and bars that surround them, including Paris in Flames (Avenida 39D # 73-70, Primer Park), where local groups sometimes play. The parks of Laureles... a den to smoke weed, drink beer and get lost in endless compatriot conversations.

On the other side of the University, looking at the door of the Nutibara, there is a bar that seems to be one of those innumerable little shops, so intimately Colombian. The Provider (Cr 71 # 39A-43), with a prophetic name, brings together all those it provides, most of them are students of the UPB. There, as there is the remote possibility of finding a place in one of the unbalanced tables, the prices are higher than those of a small store in any neighbourhood. There is, finally, on the other side of the Avenida Bolivariana, to the border between Laureles and Belén, five minutes from the Unicentro shopping mall, the Malibu Park (Race 68), where at sunset the bats emerge, in a strange dance they stir.

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