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  • Medellin

    It's been over a year since, after Peru, the immense continent of South America opened itself to me - north, south, west; when I chose the north, and made the decision to cross the Equator through to Colombia, it was just my instinct talking. I didn't know where I would...

    0 by Chrys, in What to see Medellin, one year ago
  • San Antonio

    A little East, there is the San Antonio park. In between the crowds of statues of Fernando Botero, the huge metal bird, lacerated, witnesses the explosion of twenty years ago. Next to the San Antonio Church of Padua, in the beautiful coupole, is the seat of the French...

    0 by Whitney, in What to see Medellin, one year ago
  • Laureles

    The stadium is the center of Laureles, the pretty town with the imperial name, the laurel district. Like the Poblado, we walk along the canals, tiny jungles where there is bamboo and at night - it glows, green and fluorescent, while restaurants and bars are full with...

    0 by Shavana, in What to do Medellin, one year ago
  • Ciudad del ríos' Park (City of the River's Park)

    In the village, closer to the center, to the north actually, near the Industrial Station and the residential area known as Ciudad del Rio, which has an eponymous park. The Park in Ciudad del Rio is a large field, edged with mango pickers. Just throw a stone and three...

    0 by Marina, in What to do Medellin, 2 years ago
  • Jardín Botánico

    Description The Botanic Garden in Medellín is a place brimming with diverse flora and fauna, lakes, museums, shops and restaurants. You won't get to know much about Colombian history or culture there, as it's more designed as somewhere to spend a quiet day, getting to...

    0 by Lottie, in What to see Medellin, 2 years ago
  • El Poblado

    To the south of Medellín, and to the east of the river, is the El Poblado district, the most preppy and touristy in the city. The one where the zona rosa is, the upscale nightlife area, where there are a lot of bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels and youth hostels. Pretty...

    0 by Mirabelle, in What to see Medellin, 3 years ago
  • Envigado

    Source Let's move a little away from Medellin, staying in the Valley. Envigado, to the south, one of the richest municipals in the country is connected to the city by Metro and makes up part of the Metropolitan area. In the border between Medellin and Envigado, next to...

    0 by Evie, in What to see Medellin, 3 years ago
  • Laureles

    Source The stadium is the nerve centre of Laureles, the beautiful moneyed commune of an imperial name. Like in the settlement, with a road along the canalization, small jungles where the bamboos shine with real fluorescent at night whilst the restaurants and bars...

    0 by Evie, in What to do Medellin, 3 years ago
  • Park Arví in Santa Elena

    Description Park Arví is located in Santa Elena. When I visited it was a wooded area and it had a very different climate to Medellin. If you go, I recommend that you wear comfortable and warm clothes. Is it the traditional zone of the chair makers, the ones who prepare...

    0 by Evie, in What to do Medellin, 3 years ago
  • The Museum of Modern Art or MAMM

    Description When one goes to the MAMM (Museum of Modern Art, Medellin) one can appreciate the architecture from outside which is different to any museum. This is because it was an old train station before and as you enter the building it will become more evident. The...

    0 by Evie, in What to see Medellin, 3 years ago
  • Plaza Botero or Plaza de las Esculturas

    Plaza Botero is an outdoor square just in front of the 'Museo de Antioquia'. This square is important for the Colombians as here sculptures of an internationally recognised painter, Fernando Botero, are displayed. Boltero is characterised as a painter and sculpter who...

    0 by Evie, in What to see Medellin, 3 years ago
  • La Piedra del Peñol y Guatapé

    If you travel to Medellin, you can’t leave without visiting Peñol de Guatape, it is considered a "must see" of Colombia, and something you will never regret visiting. Although, you will need to mentally prepare yourself for walking a lot and climbing many stairs, but...

    0 by Jayde, in What to do Medellin, 4 years ago

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