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Student Life in Liege

How did you find living in Liege? Would you recommend it? What is the town like?

Liege is a friendly town, where the warmth and kindness of the people help you to feel at ease. Of course I would recommend it, 10 years ago I did my studies there and for me there is still no lack of friendliess. Liege is a large town but the centre measures 1km² and there you will find everything you want for eating, relaxing, and partying.


What is the student atmosphere like in Liege?

With it's famous "Le Carré" (three streets which cross each other filled with bars and pubs), all the students go there to party. There are a huge number of schools in the nearby area which means there are a high concentration of young students.

What is the cost of living in Liege?

To rent a room for a student costs around 350 euros all charges included, of course the drinks are cheaper than in France or in Germany. However with a reasonable budget you should be able to enjoy yourself.

Is it difficult finding accommodation in Liege? Do you have any advice?

No, in the end it depends on what you are looking for.

What is the food like in the city? What are your favourite dishes?

Every type of restaurant.

Which places would you recommend someone to go and see in Liege?

Le Carré, Place Saint-Lambert and the Cathedral.


And what about eating in Liege? Can you tell us your favourite places?

Le Sabot d'Hélène, l'Amour Fou and as I said before, some other restaurants.

Which places would you recommend for going out in Liege?

Le Carré.


What advice would you give to future Erasmus students in Liege?

Come and you will see!

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