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5 months in Liège 2010

Published by daniel iserable — 10 years ago

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My Erasmus experience in Liège was globally not so good for me.

Of course there is still the opportunity to meet very good friends and to make crazy parties, but a ERASMUS in an another place will make you also meet a lot of foreigners.

However I was not living in a Kot in the city, but in the Home of Sart Tilman, which was very bad!

The Home principle is you share your bathroom with one neighbour, and the toilets with 7 neighbours, and the kitchen with 23 neighbours approximately. Consequently the kitchen is always really dirty (not on Mondays, because sometimes the cleaning ladies makes their work! ). The toilets are smelling very bad in all the corridors, as the fridge that they rent to you 5€ a month…

Let’s continue with the bedroom: you are hearing all your neighbours (up, down, left, right), and if you are next to the kitchen you will become crazy. The room is in a very bad state: the little curtain is letting half of the light passing when it is closed, the walls have one or more mark of old vomit … and the bed in not comfortable at all.

The electric light is not powerful, and the window is difficult to open with the curtain. You have no cupboard and you are not allowed to buy some…

The only good point in that you will meet people, and you are next to a forest if you like to run… But still: the first bus is at 6am, the last at before midnight. Difficult to go to the city without car, during the night! However if you are lucky to have a car like me, somebody will break the window during the night on the parking to look for the car radio (even if you don’t have one! ).

As a conclusion, if you really want to go in Liège, find a kot! If you are going in Belgium to improve your French, I think it’s better to go in France, because we have some laws against this kind of accommodation!

Daniel who likes Belgium, but not the accommodation!

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Comments (4 comments)

  • Laurie Lambert 10 years ago

    i live in belgium and I advice too to no go to the sart tilman to live or to the city living! but I am a little surprise that you only give your opinion about the acomodation and no about the life, the culturel things that exist in liege, the parties, the travels (because liege give many oportunities to travel no like in France where the tren is so expensive). I don t really understand why you didn t learn french, if you stay with erasmus all the time... it s normal. so, I advice to live in a kot with belgian guys.

  • Michal Berski 10 years ago

    Sorry daniel but I think it is rather a conclusion of your dorm then Liege! So please do not discourage those who want to have a great time in Liege just like me... I bet poor conditions of dorms can be noticed not only in Liege but in many other cities! Speaking of car damage I hope the insurance took care of you ;) To other future erasmus students! Don\'t count on this \"opinion\" ;) and let\'s have wonderful time in 3 weeks :P

  • Javier López 10 years ago

    Well this experience is useful in one point: Both Laurie and Daniel are agree than Sart Tilman is not a good place to stay (too much far from the city center). I\'m currently living in Liege and I can say that I reall love the atmosphere and people here, but yes, I think it is better to live in the city center.

  • Ursula Mello 10 years ago

    Hey..I`m going to Liège from January 25th to June, 2011. I am having some trouble in finding a kot. Does anyone who lives there could give me any tip or know some place available? Thank you very much

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