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Liége for dummies

Published by leticia ramod — 5 years ago

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It's a nice city, lots os erasmus people. I've been there for 6 months. My first problem was communicating. Nobody (from Belgium) speaks english, at least not that I've seen haha so if you don't speak french you'll have some hard time. But it's ok, it's a little part from been in other country. If you need help, people from ESN will definitely help you, they are great!

So the parties starts! There are lots of college parties in February, very nice time to meet people and celebrate! So the classes start and you find out that won't party so hard anymore (or for some day! haha).

The problem is when there is 3 months you are there things start to be a little boring. Same places to go, parties of the university not so often, same faces on the street and all those things that happens in a small city. When you realize things are going this way you may start traveling. Take a bag, choose a ticket of a low cost company, go to Charleroi airport and find Europe! Or you can use GO PASS (a train ticket with 10 trips available, you can share this ticket with whoever you want, so it's 5 euros per trip, pretty cheap) and go to Leuven, Bruges (go there when it's spring if possible) Antwerp, Brussels! There are a lot of beautiful and nice cities over there. If it's carnival and you don't have plenty of money, go to Binche, it's the most famous carnival in Belgium. Or if you wanna go to other country and still don't have much money go to Maastricht, its the nearest dutch city and its pretty cool. Liége is a very dirty city, you can see the difference when you land in Holland.


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