Erasmus Experience in Liège, Belgium by Sara.

Why did you choose to go to Liège, Belgium?

I chose to go to Liège for my Erasmus because the university is very good.

How long is your stay? What's the amount of financial help you received?

5 months: I received 920 euros.

How's the student atmosphere in Liège?

Very different from Italy: there are a lot less students and teachers are more available.

Erasmus Experience in Liège, Belgium by Sara.


Would you recommend the city and university of Liège to other students?

Yes, for university life it's a beautiful city.

How's the food in this country?

Not bad: Liège dumplings, fries, waffles and beer are very good.

Did you have trouble finding accommodation in Liège?

Yes, a lot of kots (a type of student housing privately rented during the academic or school year) are dirty and very different from their picture.

What's the cost of living in Liège?

Similar to Italy, unless you want to buy Italian products (Barilla etc. ).

Transportation is very economical: the 'go pass 10' (10 train trips within all of Belgium) costs 51 euros; the monthly bus pass costs 15 euros.

Erasmus Experience in Liège, Belgium by Sara.

Go pass 10 - Source

How's language learning? Have you been to a language course organized by the university?

Yes, very useful.

What's the most economical way to get to Liège from your city?

By plane with Ryanair from Milan - Bergamo (20 euros), Charleroi-South airport bus (5 euros) and train to Liège Guillemins (5 euros).

What places do you recommend to party in Liège?

Carré, Pot-au-Lait and also Chapiteau to see how the Belgians party!

And to eat in Liège? What are your favorites?

L'industrie, Chez Victor, la friterie devant le Far West (Carré), Pollux (for waffles), a Lebanese brewery in Place du Vingt-Août.

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