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Sticky Fingers BBQ

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Goodness gracious burgers in Leuven

Published by flag-it Gaia Rosato — 5 years ago

In Leuven there is plenty of burgers restaurant. Maybe even too many, since they are often 50 meters away from one another. I tried few of them: Huis de burgers, Burger folie, Babo's. But no one is as good as Sticky Fingers BBQ.

Sticky Fingers is already great starting from the name. And it stays true to it, you will definitely have sticky fingers after you are done eating, and the restaurant provides wet napkins to cover that.

I love the design of the restaurant: it's all made in wood, with soft lights, best tables are the ones near the big window at the end of the room, or outside when it's summer! There are plates from the American states all over the walls. Truly feels like a modern american diner. The dishes on the menu are infact american dishes, from different types of burgers, to other meal based on different kinds of meat and different kinds of grill and type of cooking.

I tried so far two burgers: the JACK DANIEL'S BURGER with Angus Beef, Jack Daniels honey glazed Bacon, cheese, onion and BBQ sauce. A triumph of the contrast between meat and kinda sweet sauces, something that I really like in food. Then I tried the STICKY FINGERS BURGER with 2 different kinds of meat! Grilled Angus beef, pulled pork, (I took double) cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce. The pork was melting in my mouth, it was sensational.

One other thing to get is definitely the sticky fingers food plate of appetizers, with nachos, onion rings and chicken wings. Must say I felt a little too full afterwards, but was worth all of it. Nachos were great so you can also just get that and share it.

Just go fot it, get ready for a ton of amazing food.

Enjoy! (pictures attached)

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