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Dijlepark, the hidden secret park in the city

Published by flag-it Gaia Rosato — 5 years ago

Dijlepark is a little garden, close do the Beguinage in Leuven. It has a small old bridge over a little lake, ducks and frogs populate it, and you would hardly see a human soul.

There is a cute old bar next to it, and passing it by you'll get to the wonderful Beguinage of Leuven. The Beguinage is a typical little district in belgian cities, that used to be a community of lay religious women. So the atmosphere is silent, peaceful, you feel connected to the air, the sun and nature. The one of the park and the one human made, of the amazing architecture. 

I found this little park while I was planning to visit the Beguinage. I saw on the map a green spot that looked nice and I couldn't be more pleased with my choice to detour there.

Second time I went there, it was at night. It was one of my first dates with my boyfriend, a belgian guy I met during my erasmus time in Leuven. We standed on the bridge for two hours, talking and getting to know each other, it was magical. I remember the very noisy frogs that wanted to chat with us.

We came back there recently, after 3 years from that night, and kept singing a song called "The night we met", and smiling at our memories.

It really is an amazing place to enjoy while you discover Leuven! 

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