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Het Strand

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Het Strand (above the cinema)

Published by Gaia Rosato — one year ago

Het Strand (means The Beach) is literally above the cinema! It's in a small square right above one of the cinemas in Leuven, and at a first sight from the street, it's not really clear how you can get there! 

The position is strategic, if it wasn't a square it would have been a terrace, since it's little high from the ground level. The stairs to get there become tables&sits as well, to fully enjoy the sun beams, especially at sunset.

As well outside the entrance, vintage tables and stairs, LED lights all over your head, make this place very cozy and romantic. Perfect for a little aperitivo at the end of a summer day. 

Prices are alright, not the best choice of beer you can find in Leuven, but that's okay. 4,5€ for nachos and you are set for a great happyhour in the sunset!

The inside design of Het Strand looks like a movie set, dark coloured lights, plants all over as well as LED lights, and the board where you can read all the food that is available that day. Unortunately I haven't tried it yet, but looked alright from what I saw at the other tables!

Funny story: I was there with my boyfriend and a friend, sitting outside, and at some point we got quiet and immediately heard a voice of a woman moaning during sex. Of course we started giggling, and after few seconds, everyone outside started as well! Laughing loud, clapping hands when the moaning was getting more intense! It really was an hilarious moment of bonding with strangers. I still think it was a porno with very loud volume, but who knows. Next day my boyfriend and I came back again, and from one of the buildings next to Het Strand, a very fit and good looking couple went out, so, who knows!


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