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Florence Design Academy 2017

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Hi guys , i'm also coming to attend the Masters in Interior Design program in sep 2017. Can anyone tell me the starting date of the program? I want to book my air tickets in advance. 


Hi guys, I'm also attending with the Sept 2017 batch for graphic design one year program. They said we need to have a international medical insurance for Visa application. Anyone have any clue as to where to get it. Also let me know if you guys are looking for accomodation. :)

Can anyone tell that which interior design course is most appropriate for undergraduate program - one year, two year or the year ?

Hi, does the 3 year interior design course give you a degree? What about the 1 year & 2 years? Do you get the same degree when you complete it? Thanks! 

Hi guys,

Joining Fda this September fall and looking for a roommate.

Really excited for Sep 2017!

Looking foward meeting you all! :)

Hey there,

This is a wonderful way to get in touch and scrutinize about this college. I am Stuti and have applied for Masters in Industrial Design, September 2017 session. Does anybody has any clue about the reviews of this particular course from FDA. I see most of the people applying for Interior Design. I myself have completed bachelors in Architecture.

Also how can we apply for scholarships?

Looking forward for a reply.


Hey there Mila,

Feels great to meet another sport junkie. It would be great to train.

Can't wait to be there already.


Hi everyone,

Me too planning to join Masters in Interior Design course starting from September 17. Can anyone let me know that whether I can go for part time job while studying? Me too looking for a roommate. 

Hi, Ankur

The classes will commence from 11th september 2017. But, you have to reach there 10 days before the commencement of classes.

Hi Prity,

I talked about part time jobs with different people already living there , they said that it is next to impossible to find any job if you dont know Italian or any other European language.

Hi Prity 

Thanks for the info. 

Hello everyone, I'm Janette from Panama, I'm also attending the sep 17 interior master.

Still looking for roomates and info about internships or work, if anyone know, please let me know.


Thanks Poorva for the info.

Welcome Ankur.

hi Janette,

Im Poorva from India. If you know any european language maybe u can find an internship there.

Looking for a room mate too :)

Keep in touch!

Hi everyone, I have sent in an enquiry, for a course, sent an application, sent various mails but have got only one response saying ' 


thanks for the email.


We are at your complete disposal for any further assistance you may need.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

The Secretary 

I wanted to know more about admissions tried calling but every time the lady there says she will inform the secretary.

is anyone else having this issue or am I doing something wrong.

Hey there, 

im planning to land up in Florence in August of this year for my interior design course in FDA commencing from September. 

I was wondering if anyone could guide regarding the accommodation and part time jobs out there, as I would prefer to work while studying to take out my daily expenses And monthly rents. 

And also I would love to hear if anyone is also planning to pursue in the same. 


Hello Vibhas,

I spoke to a friend of mine redarding the accommodation, she told me that she looked dor two of her places in Florence&aboard , then I wrote them and they told me to write again inMay because it was too early to determine prices and studf but they did sent me info about some apartments to get an idea.

I'm also lookig for jobs there but hope I could find when I arrive.

Hope that helps!

hi vibhas and janette, 

I am too looking for accomodation there in florence. Till now to whomsoever i talked they were like reach florence and then contact the landlords and physically see the appartments and then tke the decision. Online they are not showing us the prices well in advance.

Yes, i want to work too out there but then people say its damn difficult if our italian is not so fluent to converse in. Hope to see you guys out there in florence this september.


hey Janette and Priyanshi 

yeah I have heard as well it's difficult to find if you are not so fluent in Italian language. 

It sounds good, let's catch up in Florence! 

Thank you

Hello everyone, all of sudden this thread has gone live :D which is good, good for everyone.! 

So I'm searching for a roommate, any leads/Links most welcome. But it's kinda disappointing coz most of the agency are recommending to rent a place on arrival.. Which is honestly not a great idea...we don't wanna spend our first few days searching/reviewing rooms we gonna reside instead of enjoying beautiful city.

#And yup Im  going to join FDA fall '17 master course in Interior Design. Meeting you all is obvious but getting to know each other making friends prior arrival will kinda ease the things...Plus on positive side it will save our time and effort for gelling in and we can use that time to explore the city from the very first day. :D 


I'm Susanna. I've also enrolled for the master course in interior designin in FDA. I have a doubt. They said they'll give the documents only by July for the visa. Will that be early enough ? 

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