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Florence Design Academy 2017

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Hi I'm also planning to take masters in interior design this sept 2017 but just finalizing now. Will the two months be enough time to process visa Requirements since they will be sending the needed documents July? 

Hi guys, 

I am Aiswarya.. Am planning to join the institute for September 2017.can anyone help me regarding the course.,if the college is accredited? And regarding internships if we can do them there during our course? 

Am also looking for Roommates

Hi! Does anyone who is studying in the FDA now know if a laptop of our own is necessary for the 3 year Interior Design course? 


Yes, it's better if you bring your own laptop with at least 8GB ram or whichever runs faster as 3D Studio Max and other softwares need a supercomputer speed for rendering which normally takes a couple of hours to days, depending on light reflection and settings. 

Hi I just paid the 850 euros enrollment fee. I was wondering when FDA usually sends the documents I need to apply for a student visa. Is it 2 months before class starts or 3 months before?

Hi Karisa,

From what I've asked around two months should be enough. It depends on the embassy also though. 

Hey guys,

How far in advance did everyone apply to the school?

And how should i do it? by email or by actual mail?

I dont plan on attending until September 2018 but I really want to apply as soon as possible. 

Thanks so much for this feed by the way, i found it very helpful!

Hi Mason,

Just send them the mail and they ll revert bk with a form and set of instruction which includes what all documents is to be submitted.

I still got to submit the documents.ANd I would be doing it by email. 

Hope this helped 



Thanks Susanna another student told me they' should be sending the documents by July. Although I'm a bit worried cos they have longer processing time here in the Philippines.

Hi Mason, 4 months before should be fine as long as they still have slots left :)

I made a wire transfer to FDA for the enrollment fee a few days ago and informed them by mail. I still don't have a reply or confirmation that they received it. Is this normal?

It only takes 3-4 working days by the embassy for the Italian visa (Schengen). Make sure the date of journey is clear to them mentioned on the application letter as I had to get my visa reprinted since my flights were already booked (don't take this risk instead go for a refundable one if you have to book one).

As soon as FDA receives your enrollment fee they send you the documents needed for visa application, it's normally in Italian for the ease of the embassy, so don't worry.

Thanks Mila and Jasleen, anybody here looking for accommodations already before getting their student visa? As it's one of the requirements; proof of accommodation.

Hi, I will be in Florence in october. I would like to join the training if possible

Hi, I think that some email is going to their spam filter and never arrives. this happend to a friend of mine.

They are not very responsive with emails. But they do reply with the necessay information when applying and once enrolled. I am told they will be sending the visa documents in July and currently waiting for that. 

Hi everyone! I was also planning to go to FDA and having the same probrem as many in this group of it's accreditation.(if someone could help with THE LINK not just saying yes it is accredited I will thank you)

Alex, thank you for the update. Could you please share the link of the social media group, if it is a group I could join to see things by myself. I am also skeptical about the credibility of FDA.

Showing 121-140 of 203 entries

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