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Florence Design Academy 2017

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Anyone with the hope of a job after school in Italy is a mirage unless you are a European citizen and speak Italian.

Regarding joining FDA, its just pay the fees and you are in. No test. exams or any kind. Regarding accreditation, the only school that has accreditation is Florence Institute of Design International. They have lined up with Chester University and you get your graduation (3years Graduation Program). They need a good portfolio to get admission. Which in my opinion any design school will do. Entering a 1year diploma make sense with no portfolio, but master or 2nd year, a good portfolio should be necessary as any other design job interview.

In my opinion, if you want to learn design you need to be in a small group/class, where both student and teacher are enthusiastic about what is going on in the classroom. FDA classroom is of 20 to 25 with mixed groups of the interior, graphics, and furniture design students.

FIDI has classrooms of max 14 and min 3. Groups of different studies are kept separate. therefore, if a group of master design furniture student is of 5, the class of other subjects like 3ds Max, SketchUp, Rhino is only with 5. 

However, if you want to learn the trade, there are other options like Stadium Architecture. They are trying to become a school from an architecture studio. They do offer an internship to right fit once you pass out of the school. I know one student working there after she finished. There is a reference policy there to get discounts. I know some if anyone interested. 

more info to come...



I want just to add a few info:

also the FDA is accredited and I know it for sure. And  students must send the transcripts, portfolio and other docs before they apply and you can find this info on the official homepage.

I feel free to copy here a few info of the homepage of the  FDA:

For academic students (1 year, 2 year or 3 year programs):

  • High school diploma or most recent grades of high school or university (or equivalent)
  • most recent transcripts or marks
  • Students that did finish or are close to finish their studies at their high school, college or university but did not receive their study qualifications because the documents will be issued in the near future,  can send in the mean time the last transcripts/marks and an undersigned auto-certification that informs us that you will send the requested documents as soon you will receive them.

For Master students:

  • Bachelor degree
  • transcripts
  • portfolio (pdf format and not more then 10 megabyte of size)
  • Curriculum vitae that describes your past studies, abilities, professional background (if you have work experience), strengths and reason you want to study at the FDA

But this info  you can find on the homepage.

I hope that I could help :-)

Guys needed feedback / review of FDA for Industrials Design / Interior Design bachelors
How is the faculty

Whether easy to get internships

Easy to get the final offer a job after the bachelors in Italy itself?

does a degree from FDA hold any value/recognition in India ? also, what would be the approx package after the course? (masters in interior design)

Does the course train you to independently set up a firm?

Showing 201-204 of 204 entries

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