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Florence Design Academy 2017

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I am Rowena D'Souza.  I am planning to join FDA too. I just spoke to an ex student and she told me that degree holds value based on the credits you score. does anyone know what is the max  that could be scored and the min credits that should be scored to make sure this degree carries a weightage on our CV once we graduate. 

Hi Aarthi,

Even I am yet to pay the enrollment fee. I am going through an agent for the Visa. They have assured me to complete the visa process in abt 20 - 25days.

Hi Vaishali

I am also from Dubai and have applied for the Jan 2017 Masters in Interior Design course, I wanted to know if you have already got your student visa and how long did it take to get the visa. 

If you are in Dubai we can catch up




I'm from Hyderabad and will be joining in January'17 for Interiror Design. I've paid my enrollment fee and wanted to know how long does FDA take to get back with a confirmation that they've received it? Also wanted to know, when are you guys planning to go there, as in around what dates? I'm looking for accomodation too, if there's anyone here who still hasn't got a roommate can let me know! 

This thread has really been helpful since even I was skeptical about a few things. I've spoken to someone who's just graduating from FDA and she says the University is really good with the method they teach and it'll be a great experience! Looking forward to meeting everyone there! 


Shikha Garg

hello guys, 

i am dron from india, can anyone tell me if florence design academy provides any scholarships ?

Hello all.... i am Veena from India...and i am joining FDA for master of industrial design in jan2017... yet to finish the visa process :( btw what are u guys doing for acomodation??  And when hav you all booked ur tikts?

Hello everyone,

 I am Jordan from Liverpool, England, 25 years old and I will be coming to FDA in February for a course. I would love to make some friends before February so that we can all have a memorable stay in Florence.


Hi ! i am Semanti. I wanted to know which organisation has provided FDA the accreditation. I need it asap as i need to fill certain forms for the sanctioning of loans

Hello guys! I am pragati and I am joining FDA Master's in Interior Designing course in FDA in Jan 2017. I have booked my appartment online and waiting for my Visa to arrive now. I am called for interview to the Mumbai Consulate on 5th. I am just wondering what is wrong, has anyone faced or is facing  the same problem?

Hello My cousin Ms. Varsha from delhi has enrolled for 4 year Interior Programme starting January 2017. She got her Visa already. I want to know if there is another student travelling to Florence who is also looking for accomodation since we are interested in looking for accomodation together with another girl on sharing basis.

we are arriving in florence on 18th Morning what time is orientation. so we can meet at orientation programme.


Hello Everyone! This is Rini Lalpotu from Aurangabad,India. I've completed my graduation in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

I want to pursue Masters in furniture design from FIDI. I'm a eligible for it? Or should I be doing the FIDI Summer couse in furniture design before? 

Please help.

Hi guys

I am planning on doing the three years master course in interior design at FDA in September 2017. 

I was just wondering if anyone else is considering this and if so what your plans are for accommodaiton.


Hey guys,

I have enrolled for Master's in Industrial Design in FDA starting from Sept 2017.

Anyone joining in Sept 2017?

Hoping FDA will help in finding accommodation.



For joining FDA is it mandatory to know Italian? What is their medium of instruction?

Hello Guys

It appears that the Interior Design Course offered by FDA is very good. Can someone please tell me how valued are their other courses like Product Design, Industrial design etc.?

Hi ,

I'm Susanna  I got accepted to study at FDA in september 2017. I sent the enrolment fee and I got a mail saying they received it. I sent a mail asking for the receipt which they said they would send. But they have not replied for a while. Is this usual? They said they'll send the documets by July. Do I just wait for that? Will accommodation happen after that? 

Please do reply soon. 

If they have said they got it, consider that the confirmation. There isnt any receipt to the fee acceptance. As far as the accomodation is concerned you have to find it yourself once you arrive in Florence. FDA will just give you contacts of certain agencies, you would have to do rest of thw hunting yourself

Good luck.

hi guys , even i am coming to fda in september 2017 batch for masters in interior design , i would like to get in touch with the people and looking forward for accomodation company too . 

i wanted to know that what is fda course timmings and days of studies , and can one work on campus or off campus with the studies . Looking forward for the reply. 




 I m Akrati, I will also be joining FDA in september'2017 batch for masters in interior design. It would be great if someone could help me with the visa application.

hi akrati , the college has already said that they will send the visa documents in july so there s no need to hurry wait for their documents and then just apply for your visas it will be available on the ambassy site that which documents you have take except for what college gives just compile them and take you appointment in the italy ambassy .


Showing 61-80 of 203 entries

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