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Florence Design Academy 2017

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Hi everyone! I'm Mikki from the Philippines. I have also applied and paid my enrollment fees for Masters in Interior Design for January 2017. I'm also looking for roommates, I can speak fluently in English and have moderate knowledge in speaking Mandarin, Cantonese and Fukien. Hoping to be able to speak and meet with other people. 

Hello everyone, first of all thanks for creating this thread. Going thru all this has been very helpful for me. But still no one has answer that after paying the enrollment of 850euros to FDA, after how many working days did you guys got a confirmation reply from the college? coz im getting bit restless. And also once they prompt you to pay the enrollment fee, so finally it means that he/she has got the admission to the college and there wont be any cryptic evaluation or shortlisting candidateprocess pending.!
Rply to above queries would be appreciated. :) 
Ohh yes! im joining FDA next year sep. hope to see you there :)  

Hi all,

I have paid my enrolment fee to attend the FDA for a one year masters programme.

I have asked on numerous occasions for the course academia. Like what topics we will be studying etc but I have recieved nothing back.

I would be so grateful if anyone could please give me any information you have on the course topics, course duration etc. 

Many thanks in advance,


Hi katie,

you can go on this link they have mentioned all the topics tought in Master Programe.

Hello everyone,

I'm from Mexico and I will be joining FDA on January for the master interior course. Have you received your docs for visa application? They sent me a link to answer some questions but I can't to open it. Has anyone been having trouble with the web page lately? Hope to see you all on January !

Hi everyone, I have received acceptation at FDA and Florence Design Institute - they have basically the same admission process - .  Looking to do a 3 or 4 years program in Interior Design.  Could anybody who already is in one of these 2 schools give me any info about these 2 schools.  It is hard to tell which one would be best for interior design, in terms of program, teachers and international reputation.  I leave in the US so won't have a chance to visit there.  Thanks for you help!

Hi Guys,

Is anyone taking education loan? I am taking loan and the bank is asking for estimate which has to come from FDA. Does FDA help us in this process? If anyone have any information about this please revert me. 


Hi everyone, I will be attending the interior design 1 year master's in January 2017. I know that the FDA can put you in touch with accommodation agencies etc., but I have been looking around for places myself as well. Has anyone had any luck finding a place or are people generally waiting to be put in touch with FDA contacts? I'm also looking for roommates if anyone is interested, thanks! 

I'll be joining FDA for Masters in Interior Design '17 session. I applied late thus all my visa process and other formalities are still pending. Can anyone let me know that if I enroll myself this week, my admission fee submission is due this week, how long would it take for FDA to send me the acceptance letter and other documents?

With only 2 months left, would it leave me with enough time to get my acceptance letter in time and apply for visa after that? Or should I apply for September session instead?

Hello people, 

I am from Delhi,India and I will be joining FDA Industrial Design Masters programme in January '17. Is there someone on this thread for same course? Glad to see you all here and hoping to make some aquanitances before we meet in person. Also, looking forward for accomodations on sharing basis, if anyone has got some clue about that. Thanks.

Hello everyone , 

Thankyou all so much for creating this thread , helped me alot in getting clarity about FDA . Well I m Aanchal Soni , joining FDA for masters in Interior design January '17 Session .I'm looking for roomates to join in for this fun tenure and exploring the beautiful city .I would prefer an appartment on sharing basis , preferably near the FDA campus and same course .  Any leads , kindly contact me  . No origin / religion / caste specific . Hoping to see some positive respose . 

Also anyone booking air tickets from india to florence and getting student discount on any flights or baggage allowance . Kindly let me know .

Thankyou guys !!


Aanchal Soni 

Hi everyone! I am Jun Yu from Malaysia and are going to take the first year course on January.Please pm me .if you are interested to look for a roommate so we can help each other and chip in for the rental :) I speak chinese,cantonese and english. 

PS: Willing to share an apartment with ONLY girls


I'm Edward from India , I'm planning to join FDA for industrial design in 2017 and would like to know if FDA has any kind of Accreditation , if yes where could I find it? 

I have searched a lot and haven't found anything 

Also is their certificate recognized by companies for job or other countries ? 

Thank you 

Yes it's accredited.  And you can work also in all other countries. Njoy your time there. You will love it.  The city is a dream... U'll see :) 

hi guys! i am also doing the masters interior design course starting in jan 2017! excited!! i was also trying to find reviews but have genuinely been unable to find any. i did go see the school back in september to check it out first hand. 

Hii guys! 
I'm right now pursuing my interior design bachelor degree in Mount carmel College, Bangalore (India). And I really want to join Florence Design Academy. What do you think ups your chance of getting enrolled in the institute? Do you think an outstanding percentage at school-level will increase your chances? (Considering no CV and portfolio is presented to them) Thank you!

thank you andy 

but could you tell me which organisation has FDA gained the accreditation from?

Hello Andy,

I saw that you said FDA is accredited. Could you provide the name of the organization that is accreditting or getting the accrediation for FDA?

Hi everyone,

Found this thread by luck while researching about Florence Design Academy. Super excited for all of those starting in January 2017!

I'm in the process of researching other schools, and also considering this school; however, if I start the Masters in Interior Design, it would be in September 2017.

I was wondering for the students starting in January 2017 - could you guys please update us on how the program is going once it starts? Would be a great way to see if the program is suitable for other students, and if it holds up to the reputation it has from the internet.

I hope you guys will consider doing so, and thank you very much in advance! Goodluck to everyone with their studies! :)

Hi Guys,

I am Aarthi from Hyderabad and I am yet to pay the enrollment fee..I have time till this week..I know I am super late but I am worried about how long the visa procedures take in India.Since we have to pay the complete fee before applying for visa and the fee is not reimbursed.. what are the chances of visa rejection..can anyone please help me out with the details??

Thanks a ton :) 


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