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  • River Beach of Mourão

    The beach If the Portuguese coast finds itself filled with beaches, don't think that the interior doesn't as well! There are many, what we call "praias fluviais, " that is, river beaches. Today's is the River Beach of Mourão, in the town of Mourão, Évora...

    0 by Vivian, in What to do Evora, 11 months ago
  • Pastelaria Conventual Pão de Rala

    Portugal is known for its unique cuisine. Évora is no different. When you're visiting the city there are some things you must eat! Pastelaria Conventual Pão de Rala is the best place to try portuguese sweets in Évora. It is a traditional bakery that sells the most...

    0 by Ethel, in Where to eat Evora, 3 years ago
  • Igreja de São Francisco

    São Francisco church is the second biggest church in Evora. It is located near Praça do Giraldo and the public garden and it has many secrets. It is a church like many others from the 17th century - with a main aisle, an altar and many religous images. It also has...

    0 by Ethel, in What to see Evora, 3 years ago
  • Palacio Dom Manuel

    Inside Evora's public garden there is a small castle, or a Palace, built by the portuguese royal family as a country house. It has a different architecture from other buildings in the city, with scupted archs and cute towers.  It is a place open for visitations and...

    0 by Ethel, in What to see Evora, 3 years ago
  • Praça do Giraldo

    If you want to get to know Evora, Praça do Giraldo (Giraldo's square in English) is a great place to begin. It is located in the heart of the city, 5 minute (or less) walk from all the most important attractions - as well as restaurants and souvenir stores.  The...

    0 by Ethel, in What to see Evora, 3 years ago
  • Catedral de Evora

    The Catedral de Évora, or Evora's Cathedral in English, is the most important church in the Alentejo region in Portugal. It was built in the 12th century and it represents the reconquer of christianity in the country, after a great period of Arab empire. Recently, it...

    0 by Ethel, in What to see Evora, 3 years ago
  • Capela dos ossos

    "Nós ossos que aqui estamos, pelos vossos esperamos" / "We, the bones who stay here, wait for yours to come" That is the phrase that welcomes the visitors to Capela dos Ossos (Bones chapel, in English) in Évora. The chapel is built out of human bones from the 17th...

    0 by Ethel, in What to see Evora, 3 years ago
  • Jardim Público

    Every city has its public parks and gardens, green spaces to enjoy nature and the outside. Jardim Público de Évora (or Evora's public garden, in English) is a perfect place to do so. Since Evora is a very sunny village in the Alentejo, south of Portugal, every day...

    0 by Ethel, in What to see Evora, 3 years ago
  • Old Evora Hostel

    The "Old Evora Hostel" is ideally located in the most historical and central area,between bus station and Giraldo Square,the heart of town. Within a walking distance, you can visit all major attractions and interesting spots of Evora.Tourism office is 3 minutes walking...

    0 by Elisabeth, in Where to sleep Evora, 9 years ago

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