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Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

Published by Hannah Doran — 12 days ago

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One of the better known nordic cities, Copenhagen is definitely a young and quirky city. Although it may put a slight hole in your pocket, the city is filled with plenty to see and do. Unfortunately the weather was not in our favour, though in February it was to be expected. Nonetheless, we didn't let it damper our mood (pun intended).

So what is there to do/see in Copenhagen?

1. Nyhavn

Probably the most famous, postcard-perfect image of Copenhagen. The little harbour is quite beautiful and a must-see. The cute multicoloured houses that line each side of it is definitely worth a quick snap. It's also nice just to stroll up and down and watch others walk by. There's plenty of restaurants and cafes in this area too for a bite to eat.

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

2. SMK - National Gallery of Denmark

This art museum honestly took me by complete surprise. Not knowing a lot about Danish and nordic art history, I went into the museum not expecting to be swept off my feet. Boy, was I wrong.

This art museum really showcases art from both extreme ends of the scale - from traditional nordic and international artwork to modern film and media. The museum building itself is very spectacular and recently renovated. Spanning across several floors, the place is airy and perfect for all ages.

When we visited, there was a still life painting session and artwork classes for children taking place in the museum's main hall, creating a nice and relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy. A place you could easily spend several hours at!

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

3. Tivoli Copenhagen

Located in the centre of Copenhagen city, this old amusement park is still thriving and a great spot for all ages. Even at night, when we visited, the garden was beautifully lit and there was a great buzz. It's filled with amusement rides, snack halls and even an ice rink when we were there. Perfect everyone, families, couples and friends - you name it.

I would recommend visiting the Tivoli gardens if you're looking for something to do in the evening, as you can hop into the Tivoli Food Hall afterwards for some grub.

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

4. Copenhagen University - Botanical Gardens

This is a great spot to pop into and have a look around, without breaking the bank too! We called in here when the weather started to turn and rain. The gardens consists of beautiful grounds, which would be lovely in the summer. But we decided to go into the botanical greenhouse.

From their cactus room to main glass room, you can find the most stunning and usual plants. In the 'Palm House', you can even climb up the narrow spiral stairway to enjoy the tropical palms from above. Feels like you're in a treehouse in the rainforest!

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

5. Christiana

This part of the city is so quirky and filled with artwork and music. Once home to military barracades in the past, it's transformed itself into this edgy and young part of town. It's a cool place to come and walk around and watch people and I would describe it as having a kind of 'free-spirit' atmosphere and a place to get loose. If you know, you know.

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

6. Enjoy the Food & Drink

Copenhagen has a great variety of cute little cafes and huge food halls, so it's worth checking them out - for some Smørrebrød or whatever you fancy.

Places I would recommend in particular are Cafe Norden, which sits right infront of the Stork Fountain. It's 2 storey old fashioned style cafe and is always busy (which is a good sign). The Tivoli Food Hall and Torvehallerne market, which is not far from the Botanical Gardens, are both great shouts too.

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

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