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Hannah Doran

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Hannah Doran

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  • Experience

    Weekend in Copenhagen (February)

    One of the better known nordic cities, Copenhagen is definitely a young and quirky city. Although it may put a slight hole in your pocket, the city is filled with plenty to see and do. Unfortunately the weather was not in our favour, though in February it was to be...

    0 by Hannah in Erasmus experiences Copenhagen, 12 days ago
  • Blog

    Venice in 12 Hours

    The day before flying to Copenhagen for a few days left me in a bit of a pickle as to how I was going to make my way back home to Klagenfurt. Me being me and leaving it last minute, caused a worrying soar in flight prices. With a very tight budget, I wasn’t going to...

    0 by Hannah in Erasmus blog Venice, 12 days ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Klagenfurt, Austria by Hannah

    Why did you choose to go to Klagenfurt, Austria? I chose Klagenfurt because I had never been to Austria before and it was exciting to visit somewhere new. The location of the city was also perfect for travelling and with Lake Wörthersee, I thought I would never get...

    0 by Hannah in Erasmus experiences Klagenfurt, 12 days ago
  • Blog

    Living Abroad - What I've learned so far

    Ah, the year abroad. Whether you've chosen to do it or not, it's definitely something to look back on and laugh about. Meeting new people, seeing new places and doing new things. 'Living your best life'' so they say nowadays - it's all part of it. But behind all the...

    0 by Hannah in Erasmus blog Klagenfurt, 19 days ago

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