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Saving my money in Copenhagen.

  • The worth-living city of Copenhagen.

Saving my money in Copenhagen.

Before planning to visit Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, I know that Copenhagen (København in Danish) has a long and rich history. It has been the center of the Danish empire for hundreds of years, and therefore, it is home to many palaces, historic buildings and cultural monuments.

But for what I have been visiting after my trip to Copenhagen, I find that modern Copenhagen is not a flooded city in the past. The town's classical architecture and canals are placed side-by-side with modern infrastructure, new buildings and high-tech referral systems. Other than that, Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities in the world. I have chosen to visit this beautiful clean historical city, and the locals are always friendly to hang out. "Life is good here".

Saving my money in Copenhagen.

Below I will share a bit about my Copenhagen visit experience, hope you will use this travel guide to learn how to save money in the city and spend a few more days here. I guarantee you will not regret it!

Saving my money in Copenhagen.

  • Hostel price in Copenhagen is very expensive.

Saving my money in Copenhagen.

I have used and found some hostels – hostel price varies from 150 DKK per night to more often than 200-250 DKK. Private rooms with shared bathrooms cost between 700-1400  DKK per night. Free WiFi is good, so are cook wares, but you should always check carefully before booking.

Saving my money in Copenhagen.

 In addition, I found that prices have fallen a lot during winter, but I do not plan to visit Copenhagen on that occasion.

While many dormitories will include sheets for free, some do not and will charge 65 DKK for that service. Make sure you read carefully! There are also many HI dorms in the city, so be sure to get the Hostelling International card if you will be in the HI dormitory in the city.

I have a friend, he is studying Medical in Copenhagen and he lived at Generator Hostel Copenhagen.

  • Average cost of meals

After having eaten two meals at expensive restaurants in Copenhagen, I recommend that if you are going to eat at a restaurant, be prepared to pay about 80 DKK for a cheap meal. In addition to that I can find cheap vendored hotdog and sandwich suppliers for about 30-35 DKK. In Denmark, I saved by eating pizza and kebab places because they were budget options in Scandinavia. On the other hand, I have cooked for myself most of the time. 

Saving my money in Copenhagen.

Saving my money in Copenhagen.

  • Transportation costs

- Trains from the airport to the city center are 40 DKK (and very quick and easy user-friendly). Local trains and buses cost about DKK 24 for a two-zone (regular) ticket. The city is very easy to get around, and even better for cycling. Renting a bike is about 130 DKK in a 24 hour period and is a great way to experience Copenhagen - that's the way most local people go around it!


Totally my daily spending comes at 350-425 DKK / 50-60 USD to travel in Copenhagen (Note: This is the budget that I propose assuming you are in the dormitory, eat little, cook your meals and use local transportation. Otherwise it will be higher!)


  • Some ways to save money during my visit to Copenhagen that I have learned and summarized.

  • Go Orange
  • The Danish rail system offers cheap tickets through their online website called "Orange tickets". I see them only on their website and you have to print the tickets before boarding. These tickets though offer cheap chairs one-third the cost of what you can buy at the terminal.
  • Get Copenhagen card
  • I find this a good option if you want to see more attractions, use more public transportation and/ or travel with children under the age of 10 then this card can save you money. It will give us free access to over 70 museums, discounts at shops and restaurants, as well as free public transportation in the city. The 24 hour card is 380 DKK, and the 72 hour card is 635 DKK.
  • Cooking
  • I was at a hostel and had a snack, I spent little on eating in Denmark. I found Netto and Lidl not so expensive so I have brought foods from these super market, then took them back to my hostel to cook in the shared kitchen
  • Fill your water bottle
  • Denmark is safe to drink and kept high. Ignore buying bottled water here and reloading your bottles. You can save money and protect the environment at the same time!
  • Eating street food
  • Street food, such as hot dogs, sausages and bread, cost only 25-35 DKK and can save you a lot of money if you do not cook. Pizza and kebab are my next cheapest options, I have found my kebab less than 75 DKK.
  • Rent a bicycle
  • You can rent a bicycle around the city, as this is the most common mode of transportation. You can hire them every hour (about 25 DKK) or for whole day (120 DKK).
  • Walk around 
  • Copenhagen is a very small city. When I first visited Copenhagen, I walked all day in the city. In return I enjoyed a nice stroll along the park and canal!


Saving my money in Copenhagen.

Saving my money in Copenhagen.

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