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Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen!

I cannot imagine having been anywhere else! The things I\'ve discovered, the way I\'ve changed and the many adventures I\'ve been on with other like-minded people also studying here have been INSANE! When you factor in the quality of the parties, you simply CANNOT find a better place to spend a year as Erasmus! I\'ve spend the last seven months having the time of my life and I know the next four are surely going to bring more surprises.

One of my favourite quotations from a fellow Erasmus:
\"I feel like here, I\'m living in a sitcom, and everyday is a new episode. Crazy unimaginable shit happens literally everyday. There is no weekend break in this sitcom but I wouldn\'t want to be anywhere else!\"

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  • Cedric Ronsin 7 years ago

    Dear Mark, It sounds a great experience. Would you have a recommendation to find a place where to live ? I am desperately looking since few month for an Erasmus French friend of mine. I would be very grateful if you can pass me a contact or website to explore further. Thank you for your feedback. With warmest regards, Cédric

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