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Delirium bar~More than 2400 beers! What else?

Published by Doxia Antoniou

Beer lovers from around the world love this place for sure!

Guiness World Record of the most varieties of beer. More than 2400 beers are available! Belgian and foreign beers!

You can find it near to the center square "Grand Place"!

It's a nice, warm place and really cool decorated with big wooden barrels, glasses of beers and Serving Trays on the ceiling.


You can go there for relaxing, partying or to get drunk, every week for sure there is an event!

    Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 04:00

    Sun: 10:00 - 02:00

Im sure, you will love it!

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Published by Andriana Kosma


The best place to be!

I just love it. So many beers to choose of, just dont try pink panther.

Everytime we went there, we have an amazing night. We met other people, it's so easy to just talk to everyone. They are all friendly and looking for a good night!

On Thursdays there is live music, different every week. And it's really crowded.

If you want to go out on Friday and Saturday, don't look for another place. After 2 hours of thinking were to go, you will end up at Delirium. Simply because its the most awesooome place in Brussels and a good night is guaranteed!

I hope you will enjoy it. As much as we did...


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Published by Ani Bahjejian

Awesome place and never getting tired of it! I was never a big fan of beers but after trying delirium I just loved it.

The decoration makes the place look great, combined with the huge variety of beers, this explains why every night is full of people and long lines waiting outside trying to get in. Anyone who visits Brussels, Delirium is the place that a person has to visit at least once and after that you would like to visit again!


It's a great place to spend a night out with friends and have an amazing time. Having so much variety of beers coming from all over the world makes you want to just try them all!

The staff are all super friendly and it holds the Guinness World Record for having the most beer on tap - what more do you need!

The atmosphere is just fantastic

With tables that look like beer barrels and vintage beer mats that cover the walls and ceiling. The beers are also amazingly well priced since there are so many types of beers to choose and there's usually a great crowd there a good mix of locals and tourists as well.

It is always crowded and has great choice of music! The best part is that each floor has different atmosphere and I believe that is what makes it so different with other bars.


It's really close to the Grand Square so the location of it makes it easy to just pop in and chill after seeing all the sites!

So have in mind when visiting Brussels beside seeing all the beautiful attractions the city has to offer, step by to Delirium and you won’t regret it!


100% recommend it to anyone who visits Brussels for the first time! Amazing city and amazing bar, absolutely loved it!

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Chipmunks in da house

Published by Anna Palcso

Delirium café is one of the best places in Bruxelles. It is famous for serving many kinds of Belgian beers.

When you enter, you start to listen good music and what you see is just amazing. I'm telling you. You see, even if a person had a really bad day, after entering the place he/she makes new friends in that sec and feels happy and forgets about every bad thing that happened during the day.

I like that even if most people are from abroad, Belgians can also hang out in the cafeteria, they don't have to speak English because we all understand each other somehow.

After ordering some drinks, you just look around and realize that the place is full and you smile. Someone sees your smile and invites you to hang out with them. It's all about being friendly and nice. And this is what I love about this place. Those people I met in Delirium are still my very close friends. Thank you!

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Beer paradise at Delirium Café in Brussels

Published by Charlotte Mullender

If you are a beer lover, this is the place for you to go. Even if you are not, it is definitely worth a visit!


Charlotte Mullender

The Delirium Café is located in the heart of Brussels, in Belgium, the country of the best beers in the world (I know as a Belgian I am prejudiced to say so... ). It is not that easy to find it, as it is hidden in a little side street, but if you ask, all local people will be able to guide you there.

With over 3000 different beers available in the bar, the Delirium is one of the bars with the biggest beer offer in the whole world. It even used to own the World Record!

Young people visiting Brussels will make their way there eventually. After eating chocolates, fries and waffles and visiting the Manneken Pis, the Atomium and La Grande Place, a stop at the Delirium Café is a must-do if you want to experience the real Belgian culture in its capital!

In the evening, it is pretty much at every day of the week crowded. People from everywhere in the world gather there to try out different beers and, as the glasses are emptying, the crowds are mingling and you will meet travellers from different countries such as Spain, USA and Australia! In addition, it is likely to meet some people actually from Brussels, as the bar is not only visited by tourists, but also frequently is used as a meeting point for local students.


Charlotte Mullender

The bar is quite big! Actually it is not just one bar, but a complex of different bars all situated in a little side street. The main bar has several floors and bars; with for example one bar just bottled beers, one just for tap beer, etc. On the other side of the street, you will find an absinth and gin bar. Therefore, even if you do not like beer, you will enjoy your night here!

Coming to the beers: they really offer every kind of beer you can imagine. Of course lots of local beers, as the famous strong and dark Trappist beers of Belgium, but also beers from all over the world. Especially a lot of girls enjoy the multiple fruity beers they have to offer: raspberry, cherry, mango, passion fruit and many more (my absolute favourites! However, be careful; they might not taste like containing a lot of alcohol, but they sometimes do! ). Also if you are brave enough you might want to try some of the more unusual beers they offer, with coffee, chocolate or coconut flavour! The variety is so vast, that you will have to spend many, but many nights in this bar to try everything you would like!


Charlotte Mullender

Therefore, if you are in Brussels, definitely save one night to experience the beer culture of Belgium at Delirium Café. It is always a lot of fun!

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Delirium Café

Translated by Beth Pearson — 4 years ago

Original text by Patricia Saiz Díaz

Delirium Café

Who hasn't heard of the Delirium Café and it's famous Delirium Tremens beer? If you like this drink and have ever been to Belgium, it's inevitable that this famous brewery or beer house was one of the first places you visited. It is always overflowing with people despite being in a rather hidden corner of Brussels.

The bar is situated just a few steps away from the Grand Place, on the same passageway as where you can find the statue of Jeanneke Pis (the girl urinating that I spoke about in an earlier post). It's name is taken from the beer Delirium Tremens, which I will describe later on. It's emblem is a pink elephant; an emblem which you can also find on the entrance of the beer house as well as on it's coasters, posters, t shirts... and all of it's merchandising you can find.

It has more than 2, 000 types of beer and the most recommended are written on the chalkboards, situated above the bar. In 2004, it managed to get the Guiness World Record with 2, 004 beers offered from more than 60 countries in the world and many of them being from Belgium.

The beer house has reached such heights of fame that the franchise has opened places up in other countries such as Rio de Janeiro in 2010, Japan in 2011 and São Paulo and Warsaw in 2014.

Delirium Café

Out of the more than ample diversity of beer that you can consume, more than 1, 700 are Belgian - some of these include:

Abbey Dunes Double, Alpaide Blonde, Alternatief, Amarante, Alvinne Undressed, Ambetanterik, Boon Kriek, Bosbier, Botteresse, Bon Secours, Bolivar, Blanche Namur, Blinde Mol, Black Albert, Binchoise, Bink, Bon Homme, Fils à Papa, Floreffe, Forestinne Ambrosia, Floris, Frangine de la Semois, Fruli Fraise, Fumette, Gageleer, Gengoulf, Gentse Strop, Gildenbier, Gents Kriekenbier, Gordon, Goliath, Grimbergen, Grisette, Guillotine, Guldenberg, Heeren Bier, Hapkin, Jambe de Bois, Janus, Kasteel, Kapittel, Keo, Kerasus, Kempisch, Bush, Brussels Fruit Beer Apple, Buffalo, Brusselicious Faro, Cervesia, Celtic Angel Serafijn, Chapeau, Charles Quint, Cookie Beer, Coperes, Contretas Mars Especial, Corsaire, Chouffe, Cuvee, Dolmenius, Dominicus, Deus, Deugniet, Delvaux, Divine, Fabiola, Ezel Wit, Fantome Boo y un gran etcétera...

More information at:

Delirium Café

In regards to the atmosphere and the décor, there is no time of the day without a hustle and a slightly crowded atmosphere, due to the constant flow of people who fight frenziedly in order to find a table to sit out and ask for one, two and why not, up to three rounds of beer. Of course, the menu has a lot to choose from.

It is two stories high and contains several air conditioned rooms with both high and low tables - some bigger tables for large groups of people and some smaller, for smaller groups or couples. Decoration is distributed all over the walls and even the roof, with an endless amount of promotional posters for beer, luminous signs, little lamps designed to look like street lights and plates and trays on the ceiling... There is barely space left to continue putting out these pieces.

Delirium Café

The lighting inside the premises is dim although there are no problems of visibility and the best tables are the sheltered ones. They are like mini cabins and have more privacy. You need to be very alert and attentive to get one. Something which also strikes the attention is the large amount of Spanish people who can be found inside the Delirium. Tourists always come as well as a result of recommendations from acquaintances who have visited Brussels before...

Delirium Café

Without a doubt, it is the most famous bar in Belgium. The good customer service, the reasonable prices at around €3-4, the extensive opening hours, the idyllic location, the good air-conditioning of the place and the pleasant atmosphere of happiness, partying and escaping your problems etc... continue to make the Delirium a fashionable place to (as us Spanish people say on a day to day basis) 'have a few beers' right in the heart of Brussels.

In my house, there have already been more than seven occasions when friends visiting from Spain have said, 'hey, I've heard we have to go to a bar called the Delirium which has the best beers... ' This, they repeat constantly. As you can gather, drinking beer is a custom for the Spanish.

Delirium Café

I always recommend the Delirium Red for those who don't like beer much. It is always a wise decision as it has a very rich cherry flavour and smell. Otherwise, the Delirium Tremens is a classic. It's a golden colour, has an alcohol percentage of 8. 5% and was judged as the best beer in the world in the 'World Beer Championships' in Chicago. As well as the Red which I have already mentioned, it's other variants are the Delirium Nocturnum which is also 8. 5% and the Delirium Noël, which is offered during the Christmas period and has an alcohol percentage of 10%.

The Delirium Tremens was launched on the 26th of December in 1989 with an alcohol percentage of 9% which was reduced to the percentage it is now in 2003. The particular character and unique taste of this beer results from the use of three different types of yeast. It's white bottle and blue labelling with the pink elephant symbol also contribute to it's success. In 1997, Stuart A. Kallen nominated the Delirium Tremens as 'the best beer in the world' in his book on the 50 best beers.

Delirium Café

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