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Delve deep into the blue world of the 'Smurfs'

Translated by Beth Pearson — 2 years ago

Original text by Patricia Saiz Díaz

Delve deep into the blue world of the 'Smurfs'

Yes ladies and gentlemen! What else could it be? The Smurfs have an official shop and of course, it is in the city where they were born: Brussels, right in the heart of the Belgian capital.

It is just a few meters away from the Don Quijote and Sancho Panza statues, situated in the Spanish square next to the Horta Gallery. It is in close proximity to the central train station and to 'The Moof Museum'. It is the first shop dedicated to these small blue creatures. It opened on the 25th June, 2015 and is open to the public every day of the week, from 10AM until 5PM.

To say the least, it's a curious and indispensable visit for those who love the comic and above all, for those who love the characters. Because of this, I always take friends who come here to visit (also, the majority say to me, 'hey, I've seen a friend has a photo with a giant Smurf. Where is that? ') and I have no choice but to go there, given that the white giant Smurf statue is in the door (They should give him a bit of colour in my opinion because it's a bit dull). The shop is located behind it, partly obscured by the huge size of the statue.

Delve deep into the blue world of the 'Smurfs'

Entering the doors of the shop, you are greeted by a mini Smurf world. It isn't very big, truthfully. On the website there is a wider range of merchandise than that in store. However there is quite a good atmosphere with giant Smurfs, mushrooms, pictures on the walls, posters, comics, paintings and armchairs... Although in my opinion is it lacking slightly in regards to what's offered to the little ones. A play area, an interactive room or people dressed up as characters would make good additions and make the shop a bit more attractive to the public.

In regards to the merchandise that they offer, you can find all kinds of things for the kitchen such as mugs and glasses, Smurfs of every size and character, clothes and accessories such as caps, aprons, t-shirts and every kind of souvenir such as magnets or key chains.

Delve deep into the blue world of the 'Smurfs'

Now for a bit of the Smurfs' history...

These comic book cartoons were created in 1958 by the illustrator Pierre Culliford, or as he is better known, 'Peyo'. At the beginning they were no more than secondary characters in a story called 'The aventures of Johan and Peewit'. Already having their old comic book at the beginning of the 80's, these characters arrived on television.

In regards to the environment in which the story develops, the Smurfs live in a small village where the houses are in the form of toadstools. This village is lead by Papa Smurf who is the the eldest of the Smurfs although as the series goes on, Grandapa Smurf will appear who is even older. It is said that they are born when the full moon comes out although Baby Smurf came to the village by stork. Gargamel constantly tries to catch them but the Smurfs always come up with a way to evade him and his cat Azrael. It could be said that life in the village is rather fun. There are parties, sufficient food and even sports competitions.

Delve deep into the blue world of the 'Smurfs'

Among the most prominent characters are:

  • Papa Smurf: He is the leader and best known Smurf. He is also the oldest and the only one wearing red trousers and a red hat.
  • Smurfette: She is the enticing female of the group. All the smurfs hang around her which is logical as she is the only Smurfette.
  • Handy Smurf: This Smurf is the one who does everything. He is one of the few who work. He is capable of inventing any sort of machine, be it to get some strawberries or to escape from Gargamel.
  • Hefty Smurf: The Mister Muscle of the Smurfs. He is always the one chosen for any activity related to strength or power.
  • Brainy Smurf: He is always close to papa Smurf, trying to learn from his knowledge. He is like the nerd of the group.
  • Clumsy Smurf: Rather than stupid, he is just a little clumsy. He is known for his cap which has half fallen off.
  • Vanity Smurf: He is known for the flower on his flat and for always looking in the mirror.
  • Grouchy Smurf: Always angry and bad tempered.
  • Chef Smurf: Basically the village chef. He is identified by his hat and because he always has food nearby.
  • Harmony Smurf: Always with his trumpet. The others have to put up with the loud music he plays.
  • Slouchy Smurfling: His name says it all. The Smurf who is always sleepy.
  • Jokey Smurf: This is a Smurf that gives explosive gifts.
  • Painter Smurf: The artist of the village. You can recognize him by his hat, positioned at a slope and his red t-shirt.
  • Poet Smurf: Always with a pen and paper, everywhere he goes he writes poems and speaks poetically.
  • Baby Smurf: The youngest of the village, he came by stork and is looked after by all of the Smurfs.
  • Others: Natural, Sassette, Weepy, Naughty, Wild Smurf, Grandma Smurf and Grandpa Smurf.
  • The baddies: Gargamel, Azrael, Witch Hogatha, Scruples, Black Smurf etc...

Delve deep into the blue world of the 'Smurfs'

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