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Erasmus blog Brno

  • My first Erasmus experience!

    Well, all began in autumn 2014. I was attending a course with my colleagues and one Erasmus representant came to promote Erasmus programme and telling us to participate in this. Me and 2 other friends suddenly decided on that moment to go to the Erasmus department and...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Dream room!

    During my search for new houses where the people renting them could speak the bare minimum of english, I found a around eight potential candidates. Only two of them accepted couples. This was starting to become quite a problem, because it was our first week in Brno and...

    1 , 7 years ago
  • Common good

    After we left Crab behind and departed towards a new adventure, we found an airbnb at a house that was pretty close to where we were had been staying. To avoid the hassle of having to walk more than two hours with our luggage on our backs, we decided to go to that...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Jakub, the Crabwalker

    After our previous failed attempt at getting a new room, we decided to try again with couchsurfing, in order to meet some people and maybe get some advice on where to look for houses (the fact that we're not rich or from Germany also helped us make this decision). I...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Hermits

    So, we lost our couchsurfing safety net and landed on a payed comfortable airbnb one. Of course, we had to walk A LOT with our luggage on our backs, and as soon as we arrived at our new place, we fell asleep until it was that perfect time of the night where nothing is...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • "Did he just say dick?"

    Our stay in the couchsurfing house was a bit of a nightmare. One of the tenants there, Pepsi (I won't call him by his name, of course, but it was Pepa), was really hostile and selfish. I felt it as soon as he spoke to us for the first time. I felt his overwhelming need...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Brrrrrrr in Brno

    January 22nd was the day of me and my 6 months' boyfriend arrival in Brno. Add a little sprinkle of internship and a culture that is completely opposite of your own, and it's just one of the many recipes for adventure and personal growth.  This was how I thought my...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • The last goodbye party aka the pudding party

    The last goodbye party in winter semester 2012/2013 As promised in the previous post, I will tell you how was the last goodbye party in Vinarska. Maybe I should omit some parts because they are not really to be bragged about or to be put out in public, but I can’t;...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • Train-to-Prague party

    The ending of January and beginning of February was full  of goodbye or see-you-soon parties. A lot of people were leaving, some were staying but also saying goodbye to those they will probably never see again. It was sad and it still is, but everybody was trying not...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • Fleda night

    My dear people, two more exams to go. People are travelling, people are partying, enjoying their freedom, and I'm still stuck with exams. I know, I know, my fault. Next semester will be better. That's what I say every semester, but still. :D I don't know did I tell you,...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • New Year's in Brno

    New Year in Brno was definitely different than I imagined it, which is not really a surprise because for me things simply never go the way I want/plan/fantasize. I should have known it would be like that from the moment I left home... So let me tell you how it all...

    2 , 11 years ago
  • Basement party

    Concerning my last days here before Christmas, I was out every night (what a surprise). Monday, Santana night. Started at a table with Spanish/Catalan people and one Greek, ended with Maja, the Serbian girl. Funny night; some crazy Italian guy who got very excited with...

    2 , 11 years ago
  • Greek party

    I'm studying french translation and I really love it. To translate a text for several hours - no problem. But the class of Theory of translation, this is pure torture. A question: what is the purpose of attending the class where the professor reads the script and adds a...

    6 , 11 years ago
  • Giselle

    Giselle is a ballet in two acts with a libretto by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Théophile Gautier, music by Adolphe Adam, and choreography by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot. The ballet tells the story (taken from a poem by Heinrich Heine) of a peasant girl...

    2 , 11 years ago
  • Guns, guns, AK-47

    Yesterday was a great day! Yeah, I overslept my class at 10:50, again, and yeah, I didn't read the materials for the afternoon class, again, but it doesn't matter. Even if I did read it, it wouldn't help me much for understanding the lecture, it was something about...

    8 , 11 years ago
  • About the clubs

    I haven't been writing for 4 days or so, I've been a bit busy, I had my midterm test this morning. It was kind of shitty because we had to write an argumentation on a topic that we were given today in the class, which means without any preparation. Yeah, the professor...

    4 , 11 years ago
  • So here I am

    Okay, so it's almost morning and I'm writing a blog, it's not hard to guess that I can't sleep. Usually I don't have any problems with sleeping (although I have a huge problem with waking up), but I think that I've kinda replaced days for nights... which is not so funny...

    0 , 11 years ago

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