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  • My Carto family

    Hi from Munich, Hi from TUM, Hi from the super cool international group of the 2015/2017 intake. Many hi's over there but surely very warm and welcome. Last time I talked about Christmas, about the fact of how nice is to be in Germany during this time, especially...

    0 by Maja, in General 5 years ago
  • Weihnachten in Deutschland

    It is Christmas time.... December is pretty cool month to be in Germany. It is not that cold, of course depending on which city you are, but I happened to live in Munich and Dresden and the temperature variations were not that big considering one is on south and the...

    0 by Maja, in Erasmus blog Germany 5 years ago
  • 5 minutes' hints while in Munich

    Hi there, Since this is one of the last posts about what or how to do in Munich, I decided to borrow the idea of the famous “5 minutes’ crafts” guys who are managing this online account at different social networks. I believe you all have seen at least one of the...

    0 by Maja, in Erasmus tips 5 years ago
  • F&B explorer

    Hey, hi,  I have to admit, I was not going out that much in Munich. My classmates can witness that and actually, we got to meet truly in our second semester, but that happened more or less with everybody, people need time to connect with other people. Semester in...

    0 by Maja, in Erasmus tips 5 years ago
  • Getting lost #1

    Hi there, I hope you all future Erasmus students are doing fine at the time you get to read this. I was wandering what would be interesting to share with you considering that so far I have been giving “advices” mostly; how to, or where to, or when to and blah blah....

    0 by Maja, in Erasmus blog Munich 5 years ago
  • Oktoberfest

    Even though I wanted to continue my previous post by writing all this "useful" stuff you might need upon your arrival in a new city, I realised that I would just sound like an old grandma giving lectures about life and how this way is the best since I tried it. I am...

    0 by Maja, in Erasmus blog Munich 5 years ago
  • First impressions

    Hey hi, hmm, I called this post first impressions even though I completely had something else in mind. Nevertheless, let us leave it as it is and see what my thoughts would be eventually. So, at this moment, I believe all of you who arrived to your destination city are...

    0 by Maja, in Erasmus blog Munich 5 years ago
  • Welcome to the city of Munich

    Hallo there, It's been a while since my last post, and a lot had happened in between which I am about to write about in some of the future post, but now, let us concentrate on the time when you first step up in a new city, which is btw going to be your home for next...

    0 by Maja, in Erasmus blog Munich 5 years ago

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