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Erasmus blog Munich

  • Weekend trip to Bavaria: Day 3 – Munich (Pt3)

    After having been walking in Munich since 8:30am overall, it was time to relax a bit again so we went to the super famous Englisher Garten, actually one of the largest urban parks in the world. The name comes from the fact that it was projected and laid out in the style...

    0 by Catarina, 4 years ago
  • Weekend trip to Bavaria: Day 3 – Munich (Pt2)

    Germany and beer go together hand in hand, and Munich is quite well known for its beer festival – Oktoberfest. Of course, at the time of the year that we were there visiting the city we could not experience that massive celebration, but we still had to try some...

    0 by Catarina, 4 years ago
  • Weekend trip Bavaria: Day 3 - Munich (Pt1)

    The last day of this Bavarian trip was spent in the Bavarian capital – Munich, alongside my friends. After Nuremberg and Schwangau - for more details on the rest of this weekend check my articles about my first and second day in Bavaria - it was time to get to know...

    0 by Catarina, 4 years ago
  • Getting lost #1

    Hi there, I hope you all future Erasmus students are doing fine at the time you get to read this. I was wandering what would be interesting to share with you considering that so far I have been giving “advices” mostly; how to, or where to, or when to and blah blah....

    0 by Maja, 6 years ago
  • Oktoberfest

    Even though I wanted to continue my previous post by writing all this "useful" stuff you might need upon your arrival in a new city, I realised that I would just sound like an old grandma giving lectures about life and how this way is the best since I tried it. I am...

    0 by Maja, 6 years ago
  • First impressions

    Hey hi, hmm, I called this post first impressions even though I completely had something else in mind. Nevertheless, let us leave it as it is and see what my thoughts would be eventually. So, at this moment, I believe all of you who arrived to your destination city are...

    0 by Maja, 6 years ago
  • Welcome to the city of Munich

    Hallo there, It's been a while since my last post, and a lot had happened in between which I am about to write about in some of the future post, but now, let us concentrate on the time when you first step up in a new city, which is btw going to be your home for next...

    0 by Maja, 6 years ago
  • Oktoberfest 2013 - Munich

    Hallo! Last Saturday the 28th September we went to the famous Munich Oktoberfest and I'm here to tell you all about the experience. I had actually expected Oktoberfest to be quite different since it is a festival open to anyone, with attractions, stalls and booths. In...

    0 by Ross, 6 years ago
  • Birthday Madness

    Embarassing Train Ride The next day I got up early and went to the train station by bus - I had to get into the train at 9:17 am to Munich where my Mum and her boyfriend were already waiting for me. I arrived much too early because the buses from my stop didn't go that...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Hello...ehm Goodbye again - back to Tenerife

    The night was short and after only 4,5 hours the alarm set for 6:30 started to ring. I felt like I hadn’t slept at all, and furthermore, I didn’t want to leave. But I didn’t have a choice, there was a flight at 11:30 waiting for me and when I looked out of the...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • First Snow

    She was. We had breakfast together the next morning and everything was normal. I was really happy about that because I hate all these discussions and the feeling that I was hurting everybody and doing everything wrong. Furthermore, I didn’t want to leave her in...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • The Discussion

    The day after the gala was quiet, as always. Due to the fact that I didn’t sleep in my bed I could not sleep very long, so I went into the kitchen to make a coffee. Surprisingly, I met my Dad and his girlfriend there already – I had thought that they would still...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • New Year's Eve Gala

    The beginning of the big New Year’s Eve Gala came nearer, and so my Dad and I switched off the TV and started to get ready, too. I had waited such a long time to wear that dress now that I was happy to see myself in the mirror with my curled hair, the dress, makeup...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Christmas Stress II

    The next day I woke up much too early, but on the uncomfortable sofa-bed of my Mum I couldn’t sleep well. She was already awake and in the kitchen, and prepared a small breakfast for me. She was happy because I would pass the whole day and half of the next day with...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Christmas Stress

    So after having met everybody of my family and my best friend, I stayed at my Dad’s place, because he had picked me up from my best friend the day before, and I would go shopping with his girlfriend the next day. So in the evening we watched some TV and went to bed...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Christmas Celebrations

    The next day it was time for presents. Because my Mum and my Dad aren't living together I had to get up early to have lunch with my Mum and go to my Dad afterwards. Fortunately they are living in the same village. So I got up and had a short breakfast with my Mum - I...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Flying home for Christmas

    The next day it was finally the 25th of December! As it was a national holiday buses were driving like on Sundays - something quite annoying, because the only bus that wasn't going that day was the one I would have liked to take. So I had to go 2 hours earlier and...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago

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