Starting an experience abroad: alternatives to Erasmus

Do you want to go on an experience abroad but don't know how? Maybe you don't want to join an Erasmus experience or you can't afford the Erasmus mobility project? In this post you'll find out the available alternatives to an Erasmus to have the opportunity to start a fantastic adventure in a foreign country with the help of a grant.

Studying abroad: agencies and scholarships

Going to study abroad is one of the best choices you can make. In fact, an experience abroad allows you to grow a lot academically but above all on a personal level. Unfortunately, spending a school year abroad is not free and some people decide not to go because they do not have the financial resources to do it. In reality, there are various programs for international students to go abroad with a grant. Several agencies offer projects to spend a year overseas, in the USA, Europe, the East and all over the world. Continue reading to find out which organization might be able to help you realize your desire to leave.

Starting an experience abroad: alternatives to Erasmus

Study abroad in the fourth year of high school: who to contact

If your desire to leave is strong and you feel you can't wait until you finish high school, you may decide to spend your fourth year abroad. Of course, spending a year abroad is not cheap, but there are scholarships that can make this dream possible. You can plan your year abroad through specialized agencies that will follow you from the very beginning to the end and give you constant support. Here are the best agencies for planning your school year abroad:

  • EF (Education First)
  • Wep (World Education Program)
  • Intercultura
  • Giocamondo
  • BEC (British European Centre)
  • Afs
  • YouAbroad

Each of these agencies organizes different types of tests before leaving to see if the student is ready for this type of experience. These tests consist of a psychological test, a motivational test, and a language test. In addition, many of them offer short courses during which they explain what the experience will be like and give lots of useful tips.

The cost is often high because the agencies have to take care of all aspects of the student's time abroad, including finding a host family. Fortunately, all of these organization that allows students to spend their fourth year abroad offer grants. Thanks to these grants, it is possible to save money or even leave with very few expenses. In addition, there are also scholarships offered by the INPS "ITACA Project" that could help students from families in difficulty to go abroad (in Italy).

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If you are a young student and don't feel like spending a whole year abroad, then you could opt for language courses in Europe such as those offered by Erasmusu Education! The page offers hundreds of opportunities at special prices, discover the new platform of language courses abroad, and start your adventure!

Do a university year abroad or do university abroad

If you have already finished high school and you are considering a university year abroad, we will tell you about the options in the following section. The option of going on the Erasmus program is usually the first choice, as it was created specifically by the European Union for the mobility of university students.

However, if for some reason you want to leave with another agency, here is a list of those that you can try to contact for information about your university year abroad:

  • USAC (University Study Abroad Consortium)
  • CIEE (Council of International Education Exchange)
  • AIFS (American Institute of Foreign Study)

Now that the UK is no longer part of the European Union, a new mobility scheme called the Turing Scheme has been created. Read more in the article: Turing Scheme replaces Erasmus in the UK: all about the new exchange programme.

Anyway, in recent times, many students are deciding to leave and go directly to a university abroad in Europe or on another continent. Indeed, several European universities facilitate access to international students and even aim to have a high percentage of them in order to rank at the top of their annual rankings. Hence their offer of scholarships for non-local students as well. This may be a cheaper option as you don't have to pay any agency to organize the experience.

Starting an experience abroad: alternatives to Erasmus

Find out which scholarships can help you study abroad

There are a number of scholarships available when you want to go to university abroad. Erasmus uses European funds to help its citizens to study abroad. But other organizations also offer scholarships for studying abroad if you join their mobility scheme. Another alternative is to look for scholarships offered by the Italian government or the government where you are going.

If you decide to opt for this solution, it might be an idea to have a look at the scholarships on the official page of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and of the state in which you want to do your studies. In fact, every year there is a call for applications for mobility abroad and it can be very advantageous to benefit from it.

Not only study abroad

In addition, to study abroad experiences, most of the agencies mentioned above offer the possibility of other types of experiences that can be less expensive but equally interesting. For example, through these organizations it is possible to do voluntary work abroad or to go and work abroad. It all depends on what kind of experience you are looking for and what the aim of your permanence outside Italy is.

Going abroad for a period of time is a very enriching experience and, even if your budget is limited, you now know how to live your experience abroad!

If you would like some advice before leaving for your experience abroad, visit the Erasmusu page and read the article 25 pieces of advice I would have liked to have heard before going on Erasmus.

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