What are the most popular water parks in Antalya?

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What are the most popular water parks in Antalya? Antalya is full of fascinating sights, important historical monuments, sunny beaches and exciting water parks that will bring you fascinating moments. So if you plan to go swimming in the heat of summer; Swim in the biggest pools in Turkey and be amazed by trying the exciting water slides, follow us in the rest of this article. Antalya tour, the most popular water park in Antalya. If you are interested in green nature and full of beautiful trees and plants and you are looking for one of the best water parks in Antalya, visit Aqualand. Aqua water park is known as one of the most famous water parks in Antalya, which has a special place among tourists and citizens of Turkey. The unique services and golden geographical location of this park attract many visitors, and you can be one of them! You only have to go to Konyaalti, Lara and Murad Pasha Street in Antalya and get ready for an exciting experience in Turkey. Below you will get to know the facilities of this park: types of water sports: steep slides, water tunnels, water skiing, jet skiing, underwater scooters, tube rides, free fall rafting (boating) in rivers, 300-meter jumping platform in water with 70 meters high private beach, different pools according to age group, children's pool, musical and VIP pool, sauna and jacuzzi, Wi-Fi and free parking, various coffee shops, seafood restaurants and beach clubs, holding ceremonies, celebrations and beach competitions, the most equipped water park In the city, Dolphin Park is very famous among the water parks in Antalya and is called one of the most attractive parts of Aqualand. In fact, Antalya Dolphin Park is located in Aqua Park, which is specially dedicated to dolphins. In this part of the park, you can watch the exciting performance of dolphins; Play with whales and sea lions; Take pictures and record memorable moments for yourself. The facilities of Dolphinland Aqua Park include the general services of Aqualand, and there is also a sports equipment store, rafting, jumping, swimming pool, restaurant, etc. The price of Antalya Dolphin Park is also calculated with the Aqualand ticket. To visit this exciting park, you can buy Antalya tours from Kasadek 24 and have a pleasant trip to Turkey at the cheapest price. Click to buy Antalya tour. The best water parks in Turkey, the best hotel with a water park! If you are interested in marine animals, you have children among your companions and you have decided to visit the best places to visit in Antalya; Be sure to visit the Land of Legends water park. In this park, all the amusements are built with the necessary standards and bring you exciting moments. You can swim with dolphins, swim next to white whales, travel to the underwater world and ride in amazing tube pools in Antalya Water Park. To visit this mysterious complex, go to Atatürk Road and then make your way to Antalya's Kadriye neighborhood in the Serik district. This park is located in the Land of Legends Hotel and you can stay there if you need. Below you will learn about the facilities of Legend Water Park: types of water activities, dolphinarium, underwater diving, many different slides, such as the waterfall tower, types of boat rides and rafting, types of pools, such as wave pool, children's pool, wild river, ball and wave pool, and lazy float, sauna and jacuzzi, 5D smart cinema, water tunnels, tube rides, special changing rooms, various coffee shops, restaurants and fast food photography, the most famous water park in Turkey with a hotel If you are looking to book the best hotel in Antalya with an aqua park; Rixos Premium 5 star hotel can be one of your best choices. The best water park in Antalya is located in this hotel, which offers a variety of fun games and attractive shows with dolphins, whales and porpoises. Also, Rixos Premium Troy Water Park can be considered one of the biggest water parks in Antalya, which has a wide area and diverse entertainment. To visit this famous Antalya Abbey Park, go to Belek region, 45 km east of this city, and experience peaceful and pleasant moments away from the crowds. It is good to know that other popular attractions such as the golf club and the ancient city of Perg are located near this park. The atmosphere of this area is very green and is the best opportunity for a pleasant walk. A hotel with a water park in Antalya can be found below with the facilities of this park: Trojan Tower with a height of 20 meters, dolphinarium, all kinds of swimming pools, all kinds of slides, such as the waterfall tower, and the space hole, all kinds of water activities, such as tubing, jet skiing, water skiing, and boating, sandy beach. Private and VIP, sunbathing and massage, various international restaurants with a wide variety of food menu, coffee shop and fast food store, shopping for sports equipment, free Wi-Fi parking. ; Because it will be closed during rain and bad weather. Dedeman Antalya Water Park, Dedeman Aquapark, is located near Barut Lara Hotel, and today this park is known as Barut Lara. To visit this famous park, you should go to Murad Pasha district of Antalya and then visit Shirin Yali neighborhood. Also remember to get travel insurance when traveling abroad.

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